Garage Games Pics and Setting the Mood

Hello Monday. The end of the weekend is not a feeling I particularly look forward to, and I'm preeeeeettty sure I'm not alone here. But, hopefully this Garage Games submission perks you up just as it did me when I saw it!

If you are new to my blog, Welcome! Let me fill you in really quick so you can join! I am doing our very own Garage Games right here on the blog over the next two weeks spanning the Olympics. I am asking anyone and everyone to email me, (, at least one photo of a home decor piece/project/craft/room that is reflective of their style and personality. It can be anything you want so long as it represents you. I will post the photos right here on the blog as they come in as a fun way of sharing our creativity and inspiring one another. At the end of the two weeks we will do a random drawing of all the people who submit photos for a chance to win a piece of jewelry from my jewelry box clean-out! I love accessorizing and have 14 fun pieces that have served me well for several years now, but alas, it's time to change things up and pass them on! So, please don't hesitate to submit your photo(s); you never know who you'll inspire and you could get a cool piece of jewelry out of it! See this post if you'd like more details and a peek at the jewelry pieces!

Note to all - closing ceremonies for the Olympics is Sunday, August 12. Please submit your photos prior to that date, (preferably as soon as possible so I can post a few photos each day rather than having a whole bunch in the last few days). :) Thanks!

Back to today's submission: This chica is as handy as she is beautiful; what she did with this brass chandelier, (which I am sure we've all walked past those without giving them a second thought), is completely ingenious...I'm pretty sure I'll be trying this myself in my daughter's room!

"This project was born out of both opportunity and need (the best kind if you ask me). I found a brass chandelier in my parents basement while I was home on a college break. At the time I was living in campus housing and wasn't allowed to make structural changes to my living space so there was no way I could install it if I wanted. So I disassembled it, painted it, rewired it with a swag line kit from home depot and voila! I had a upcycled chandelier I could hang from a ceiling hook and plug in to the wall outlet with the 20ft of electrical cord that came in the kit. For extra personality, I added wrapping paper to the candle shafts. I didn't need to cut a whole in the ceiling to install it but simply hang it from a hook instead!" -C

Thank you so much, C, for such a fabulous photo and idea! Keep the pics coming, gals!

For today's post I thought I'd share a short tour of our main living spaces in the evening. I look forward to the evening every day. My husband comes home from work. The noise of giggles and squeals from the babes in their excitement to play with Daddy. The smell of dinner. The smell of my babies after their bath. The quiet of my babies when they're all asleep. The peaceful calm of the home which, just a few moments ago, was a hustle and bustle of little feet running around and toys covering every square foot of surface space. I love turning all the overhead lights off and toning things down with lamp light.


{Living Room}

{Dining Room}

Turning down the lights in the evenings reminds me of a scene from one of my favorite movies, Meet Me in St. Louis. Esther, (played by Judy Garland -- love her!), has a scene after a party where she moves from room to room singing as she dims the lights around their massive home. I don't sing, but there is something so soothing about dimming our lights.

I am looking forward to posting more of your photos - this has been so much fun and it's only been a few days!

Thanks for stopping by!