Something Old, Something New; A beautiful collaboration

Today's Garage Games submission features photos from an extraordinary woman; my Mom-in-law! If this is your first time visiting Chelsea's Garage, I am so glad you stopped by! Let me fill you in really quick so you can join! I am doing our very own Garage Games right here on the blog over the next two weeks spanning the Olympics. I am asking anyone and everyone to email me, (, at least one photo of a home decor piece/project/craft/room that is reflective of their style and personality. It can be anything you want so long as it represents you. I will post the photos right here on the blog as they come in as a fun way of sharing our creativity and inspiring one another. At the end of the two weeks we will do a random drawing of all the people who submit photos for a chance to win a piece of jewelry from my jewelry box clean-out! I love accessorizing and have 14 fun pieces that have served me well for several years now, but alas, it's time to change things up and pass them on! So, please don't hesitate to submit your photo(s); you never know who you'll inspire and you could get a cool piece of jewelry out of it! See this post if you'd like more details and a peek at the jewelry pieces! Photos will be accepted until Sunday August 12, (closing ceremonies day for the Olympics).

Moving on to today's photos - I was so excited when I saw that my Mom in-law sent some photos in because her home is the most awesome mix of passed down antiques and new finds from all over the world! Through my father in law's work for the government they have had the opportunity to live in various places all over the world. Wherever they have lived, you can always find pieces that trace them back to their PA roots. I've learned so much from her about pairing old with new.

"On the table is a seashell from FL, Botero picture from Colombia, and a vase that welcomed me to Okinawa upon my arrival. The table is, of course, made by the Amish of Lancaster Co." -D

This GORGEOUS bedroom set is from her grandmother's side. Not sure how old it is, but her grandmother's maiden name is written inside a drawer of the dresser, (right, D?). So awesome! The beachy bedding is such a fun nod to their current residence in FL.

This dining set they picked out when they lived in Colombia for this house that, at the time, was being built in FL. The sparkling one-of-a-kind sunburst mirror is also from Colombia. Perfect accessory for a home in the Sunshine State!

A special thank you to my Mom in law for the lovely peak into her home! Isn't it beautiful?!

We've received some truly unique and stunning photos and ideas so far! Don't forget to send yours in as soon as it's ready - there are no 'wrong' photos! Whether it's an entire room that you just love spending time in or a particular accessory that caught your eye and went home with you - all are welcome here! I can't wait to see what you send!

As they say in Colombia, por favor devuelva! Please come back....I think.:)