Hi, hello, howdy :)

About a month ago I scored 8 old white shutters, great condition, just need to be cleaned. I think they were $5 for the bunch.
I excitedly scooped them up because they looked interesting and were so cheap...but then I got them in the garage and propped them up in a corner...and there they've stayed collecting dust ever since. Partly, they just haven't been a top priority to do anything with since I've had clients, (patiently), waiting for their pieces to be done. But, even if I had all the time in the world I think they'd still be sitting there. Why??? Because while I like the look of shutters as decor, I just don't know if my style is quite in 'that' direction. There's something about accessorising with shutters that seems to be too much of a step towards country cupboard for me. However, I like rustic - but I also like sophisticated, (which is funny since my home is outnumbered in toddlers to adults). So, I've done a little research to find some ideas for shutters that are clean and chic. We've all seen pictures of shutters being used as headboards, or as a place to collect photos and note cards, or attached with hooks to hang things from, or even anchored with legs and made into coffee tables. I can't imagine trying to set my glass of wine down on a shutter tabletop....(if you have one of these shutter tables, I hope I'm not offending you! Just being honest....). While all these ideas are very creative and lovely, they just aren't me. Without further adieu, here are some ideas for shutters I would definitely consider for my own home:
Simple and stunning propped up or hung against an empty wall in an elegant dining room. The contrast of the rustic shutters to the grand dazzling chandeliers is perfection.

NOT a headboard, but rather anchoring a bed and attached with sconces. These are reclaimed doors instead of shutters, but large shutters would do the trick.
Let's not forget about keeping it simple. Propping a single smaller shutter up against a wall on an end table can satisfy the aesthetic need for some height without sacrificing your walls with holes. Great if you're renting with restrictions on hanging things...or unsure about how to complete an empty spot!
I love me some pop art! This is just super cool. I'd put this above a sofa, buffet, bed, in a hallway...easy, fun, and a great punch of color.
Heavenly. This room divide is such a simple idea, but has so much impact visually. It anchors both rooms in a soft and romantic kind of way. This would be my first project if I lived in an open studio apartment. Great idea, too, for open floor plan homes. Create an entrance 'hall' if your front door opens up to a large room. Separate a living room from a dining room. Create two guest's bedrooms out of one with a shutter divide between twin beds, (oh la la, risque!)

 And if none of these ideas appeal to you, there's always this:
After searching image after image of ideas for shutters, I think I've found one to try. Stay tuned for how I use my stash!
Have any other ideas for shutters? Please share, I'd love to know!!