An ode to the Summer of 2012

While it's not technically fall yet according to the calendar, we don't like kidding ourselves, either. Let's face it. Summer ends the day after Labor Day. Ouch! While it sinks my heart to my stomach, I thought I would do a reflective post of some of my favorite moments from the summer. This post is completely inspired by my Mom who paid homage to this summer with her 2 favorite pictures from the past few months.

So, here goes :) I will warn you; this is a photo novel of a post!

My favorite memories from the Summer of 2012
It was a romantic summer filled with beautiful weddings:

It was a relaxing summer, complete with a whole weekend away alone with my Matt:

It was a creative summer:

A challenging summer:

It was a patriotic summer:

It was a playful summer:

...Spent with some of our favorite people:

It was a good summer. Very grateful for such fun memories from the summer of 2012.:)
If you could sum up your summer in three words what would they be? Mine would be breezy, (because it was lighthearted and relaxed), hopeful, (because our kids are all at toddler age now and we haven't died), and heartwarming, (because we got to spend it with the people we love most in the world). Just post a comment with your 3 words. I would love to hear how you'd describe your summer!