One step forward, two steps back

Hi there! Please forgive me if I've been a bit MIA recently. I've been doing a whole lot of this
And not as much of this
Though, that's just a little sneak peak of a project I am trying reallly hard to have finished for a sweet client by Friday!
It appears we have a nap strike on our hands around here. It took my daughter about 40 minutes of hard, loud crying to settle down and fall asleep this afternoon...and in that time she woke her little brother up, (miraculously her twin brother slept through it all. Boy likes his sleep!). Mason then spent about the same amount of time doing the same thing, and I finally just threw my wet brushes in the sink and nixed my afternoon plan of painting. At first I was completely frustrated. I am already 2 days off of when I had predicted this piece to be finished for it's owner, (embarrassing!), but as soon as my little meatball, Mason, was snuggled up against me, still hiccuping small sobs from his 45 min of crying for his life, all was right in the world and I knew I was exactly where I should be. Some days are just like that. I try to plan out what I am going to do and when...but God has something completely different in mind. And what choice do I have but to roll along and go with it?! Is it the worst thing in the world to be interrupted from your work to lay with your sweaty, sleepy, snuggly baby? Most definitely not.:)
So, we are in a little rough patch right now, as I like to call them. The furniture is piling up in the garage. I am slowly chipping away at pieces brush stroke by brush stroke, instead of feverishly moving from one to another like the Tasmanian Devil. But, my first and most favorite job is being their Mom. And if I don't get done what I had planned to on a given day, that's A-Okay.:)
And fortunately I have the kindest, sweetest, most patient clients ever. Just saying.
Hoping for some awesome before and after pictures of the piece above for you on Friday!