Headbands galore!

I recently had the pleasure of making some fun headbands for my dear niece, Bella, for her 2nd birthday. Her mom requested them, as her sweet little girl doesn't have a whole lot of hair yet and keeps getting confused as a boy by people who neglect to notice her girly outfits, let alone her pretty face!
{The tiny tulle one in the middle is for Bella's baby sister who will make her debut sometime in January!}

Now, as only women know, we never have enough spots for our stuff. It is impossible for me to feel completely organized! From make up and hair accessories to medical records for each member of my family...*sigh*...I try to be organized, but my efforts seem lost in the accumulation of all these tiny little items in my life. As a Momma to a daughter, I know all too well how easily Shire's hair accessories get strewn about and eventually lost. Rather than throwing these headbands in a bag with tissue paper, I thought I'd help a girl out and give her a place to keep her fun new headbands.

I painted this medium sized cookie tin and added a tulle flower to the top with craft glue. Now Bella has a cute place to keep her headbands, even if she doesn't want to keep them on her head ;)

This project was so much fun that I can't wait to go find more cookie tins at the thrift store! I can think of several items around my home that need their own little spot, and why shouldn't their spots be pretty?! I'm learning, slowly but surely, how fun and beautiful organization can be.:) Do you have any clever organization tricks for any particular item in your home? I'd love to hear!