Paint inside the lines {DIY custom canvas}

Hi guys! As promised at the beginning of the week I'm sharing a really awesome DIY art project today! This will surely change the way you look at art when you're out perusing.

We bought these canvases at Ikea within a few months of moving into our home, (about 3.5 years ago). They were right for us at the time because, well, I had no clue what I was doing in our home and wanted something large scale for a wall in our dining room. They were neutral and soft and worked for a while.

Before - a little too timid for our updated space

Fast forward to now. I wouldn't say my style has changed so much as it has finally developed, (through lots of trial and error). Needless to say, these soft taupe-y lovelies just didn't have a place in our home anymore so I stuck them in the garage. They're just such a nice size, especially when hung together, so I held onto them in case something came to mind.

Then something came to mind. Paint over the painting! I needed some large scale art to hang over Shire's bedroom dresser, but wanted it to really pop. I picked a few paint colors, mixed a couple of my own, and painted 'in the lines' of these canvases.

Now customized and full of life!

(More pictures of Shire's room HERE)

Doesn't this just change everything?! If you can color in the lines you can do this project. One tip I have, as a non-canvas artist, is the larger the scale, the easier it'll be. Less room for error, (or is it more room for error??? I always get that confused). But really, all you need is a painting of a picture you like. Then just customize it with colors you want to see in your home!

Side by sides are always fun:

(A bit more abstract now, but I think that's charming in this case)

Doesn't this just make you want to run to your closest thrift store and find some lonely art?! I'm looking forward to trying this again for sure. 

And just to officially open the door, I always love seeing what YOU guys are up to! If you've finished something you're excited about in your home please share via email, ( You're such a creative bunch and I love passing around inspiration. You may see your project featured here!

Thank you for stopping by!


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