Use what you have, Do what you can {Instant home improvements}

Hi guys! I shared this quote a couple weeks ago on my facebook page but it's totally relevant for today's post, so I'm sharing here too.

This time of year is all about perseverance. We're ready and waiting for Spring and Winter feels like a party crasher overstaying it's welcome. It's this stretch of the year that I think we tend to crave some instant gratification; to see something done, finished, complete. Cleaning the house can be gratifying but it's temporary; it doesn't stay clean, (some shorter than others). So many of us have projects that we are itching to begin but it's not really the right time of year to dive in. This is when those little itty-bitty projects can make a big difference, if to no one but ourselves.

Let me introduce you to a couple new buddies I just picked up the other day:

I've forgotten how satisfying it is to spray paint something! I just love it. 

In this case I felt like adding a few little snaps of color to our bakers rack. Here it is before:

And after!

I just took the leaf bowl and the wrought iron book-ends outside, layed them on a piece of cardboard, and went to town. Oh how satisfying! 

This project was definitely not for high impact. It's not a very noticeable change, especially from across the room...

But it's a little improvement and it's done. And that's a nice feeling!

But this really isn't about spray painting little accessories around the house. I really just wanted to encourage anyone out there who's in the Winter slump to think about the small things you can do, no matter what the forecast outside!

Here are a couple other ideas:
~Swap some pillows around, (or make a new one! HERE's an easy tutorial using placemats)
~Switch out a knob or two with something fresh, (THESE are my favorite)

Do you have any quick and easy go-to ideas you use to refresh your home? Feel free to share in a comment!

Thank you for stopping by!


This post was originally published on Chelsea's Garage, now affectionately known as StyleMutt.