First piece of Spring!

Hello there! Three days ago I was looking at the weekend ahead with a pit in my stomach. None of us could walk through the garage, that's how full it was. Saturday morning Matt and I got our kids, (who have kind of become wild animals throughout this fierce winter), outside to do their thing, and we tackled the garage. One mound was a trash pile. The other a donation pile. Here are a few words I would use to describe our garage-clearing experience: Invigorating. Cleansing. Therapeutic. Rejuvenating. Terrifying. (every time I went to pick up a bag or towel or move something that hadn't been moved in months, I was sure I'd see a dead animal. Or worse, a living one). Romantic. (hey, watching my man lift heavy stuff is never a bad thing).

So, when I got to drive the van jam-packed with stuff to donate to the thrift store, I couldn't help stepping inside to check out what they had in the furniture section. I mean, we had just cleared TONS of room, so why not, right?!

True as it may be that I was probably not the right one to go to the thrift store, (especially with all the new space in our garage), I really could not pass up this beauty. Thankfully, Matt agreed!

First piece of the Spring season!
I have a lot riding on this piece, not least of which is a better mood!

Hello rocker-chic hardware!

So, I'm starting on the piece this week. Old White with light distressing, original hardware. Dimensions are 47.5"L x 30"H x 17.75"D. If you have any interest at all please contact me ASAP at Finished pictures will be up when it's done! 

And just so you don't miss it, our beautiful Cate, (SIL, just married my brother, incredibly talented DIYer), will be stopping by soon to share some of the amazing projects she's been working on over the past few months. Stay tuned!

Thank you so much for stopping by!


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