Newlywed & Canopy Bed

I know.  I know.  Where on earth have I been?!  It's been ages since I guest-posted on Chelsea's Garage, but I'm happy to say I am back with a whole suite of fun projects for you.  If you haven't caught up by reading this sweet post by Chels, I recently married Chelsea's brother Caleb!  Since my last post, I have been swamped with wedding planning, honeymooning, moving, being married, and... getting used to living with a boy ;)

So I thought I would start you off with the first tour of a room in our new apartment {and frankly, my favorite} - the master bedroom.  Our bedroom is small and comes with some {BRIGHT} skylights.  After extensively researching my options for how to keep such strong sun out so that Caleb could sleep in, I decided on building a ceiling canopy around our bed.  The curtains are hung from a rectangular frame made from copper pipe and pipe fittings from Home Depot.  There are two curtain panels for the "headboard", one for the top canopy, and 3 pairs {6 total} for the remaining 3 sides.

Here's a close up of the Threshold Tufted Bench from Target.  Although he's petite, I love this guy - and he's a good size for our little 12'x13' Master.

See what I mean about that GLARING skylight.

Close-up of the "headboard" curtain panels - which are now a discontinued print from World Market.
{Womp. Womp.}

{Before & After} 

Thanks for the warm welcome back!


This post was originally published on Chelsea's Garage, now affectionately known as StyleMutt.