Garage Sale Peek-A-Week #1 (plus, what's got us screaming with joy)

Hi friends! These were taken earlier today...moments after our first Yard Sale sign spotting of the season. :)

Are you feelin' it, too? Shire sure is! The future love of her life is going to have to make a hard decision at some point: Either find a hobby of their own on Saturday mornings in the Spring and Summer, or embrace hers and join along. This girl can yard sale til the cows come home, (whatever that means. Do cows stay out late and break curfew?)

Back to reality. There are less than 6 weeks until the June 7 garage sale! Cate and I are super excited and working hard to bring a fantastic collection of pieces. I thought it might be fun to share with you a peek-a-week of a piece I'll be selling on June 7! With only so many weeks between now and then I won't be sharing everything, but enough to prove it'll totally be worth your time to stop by! I'm even planning to pull out my paint, brushes, and a few spare pieces to offer on-going chalk-paint demos! It'll be a fun time, for sure.

Peek-A-Week #1
Custom aqua nesting tables w/ gold-dipped legs

If you follow me on Facebook you might recognize these!

I loved these as-is, but the rattan was faded with water marks on so many spots on the top. Since I couldn't decide on what color to paint them I put it to a vote between Duck Egg blue, Paris Grey, or Old White. Although Duck Egg won the votes, I decided to tone it down a bit and mixed 1 part Duck Egg with 3 parts Old White. I LOVE this mix! So subtle but with a hint of fun.

Find this and other one-of-a-kind pieces at the market!

Saturday, June 7
9am - 3pm
My garage! Located in Herndon, VA, email me for address.
No cost to get in
Refreshments available, as always!

Thank you so much for stopping by!


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