Room makeover in progress!

Hi guys! I have GOT to share this note I received from my grandma yesterday, following my previous post, (which you'll need to read to understand):

"Chelsea, the only time cows stay out late (all night) is in the summer when its warm.  The cows come home around 4:30 PM. cause they get full, if u get my drift!!!  Gm L"

My grandma grew up on a farm; I just love when she shares little tid-bits like that. Isn't she hilarious?!? I love you, Gm L. :)

Today is just a quick pop-in to fill you in on some exciting things going on here! I have a bad habit, as a blogger, of not sharing things I'm working on until they're already finished and I'm able to share the oh-so-dramatic 'after' photos. But as a blog reader myself, I genuinely enjoy hearing what some of my fellow DIYers are up to, even if they're just in the beginning stages of a project. Even ideas are fun to read! 

So, that being said, there are some really fantastic projects going on right now - not just for Chelsea's Garage, but for One Kings Lane, (again!), POPSUGAR Home, (BTW, thank you guys for selecting me as your home blogger of the week over there! Check them out here and find more talented and creative bloggers), and a handful of clients. One near and dear 'client', in particular, who's project I'd like to share with you today: my Mom! 

Cate, (my friend, SIL, and clever guest poster here on CG), and I have been in cahoots planning the makeover of a guest room in my parents' new home.

Current room:

My Mom's style is so much cooler than mine. I'd describe it as very laid back and relaxed, but nowhere close to boring. She mixes raw, natural elements with funky, industrial pieces. And she's really good at adding a small dash of unexpected whim to keep things interesting and to prevent a room from feeling too serious. The coolest things in my wardrobe have come from her and my favorite elements in my home are inspired by her. 

After Cate and I had a chance to hear some of my Mom's hopes and desires for the room, we've come up with a key check list:

-Keep the Queen bed, (rather than replace it with a King), but make the bed appear larger in the room. Hard to tell from this photo, but it is a rather large room. The room could easily handle a King, but why replace a perfectly good bed in excellent condition unnecessarily? The Queen stays, but make it appear larger than it is.

-Find a storage piece that can also be used for the TV. It's just a small box TV with a VCR, (what's that?), and the only three guests that would happen to use it, (until there are others), are my little ones. But, my Mom loves putting a little video on for the kids up in that room when they're having trouble calming down for a nap. It's a nice room where all three of them can relax on the bed and at least have some quiet time, if not a nap, when we're all over there visiting for an extended period of time. The piece also needs to have a decent amount of storage, be high enough to watch the TV from the bed, and not be so bulky that it's difficult to walk around.

-Design the room around this piece of art which my Mom picked out at HomeGoods. Isn't it gorgeous?! It'll go right above the bed and serve as a central focal point for the room. 

This painting is our inspiration as we collect ideas for bedding, lighting, floor coverings, furniture, everything.

 How fun is that!!

-Comfortable seating area for guests to read, take a nap, feed a baby, (my Mom quite adores her grand-babies), or just kick-back, (while perhaps watching, yet again, the animated Robin Hood with the kids).

Those cover some of the main elements that Cate and I have been tackling and we are so excited about a few ideas that are both imaginative and stunning. Rather than wait until the room is completely done, I'm going to do my very best to take lots of photos of the room as it transforms and keep you updated on the progress. 

Now, should we try to keep my Mom out of the room until it's completely finished, (after the painting is done)? I vote YES!!

Thank you for stopping by!


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