A week of peeks!

Hi guys! Cate and I have less than a week until our 'garage sale' this coming Saturday, June 7. Let's do something fun! We have so many gorgeous pieces that it seems a shame not to share them here before they're, (hopefully), whisked away to their new homes. So, each day this week Cate and I will alternate sharing a piece that will available at the sale! And you guys, Cate has some major gems. I can't wait for you to see! There's so much more that we'd love to share, but it's also kind of fun to have a few surprises. :) We will definitely share photos of the sale and remaining pieces after the event!

Kicking off our final week before the Chelsea's Garage Sale #5, is this mid-century marvel. 

The hardware. There are no words. There's no denying the truth; I do LOVE this mid-century piece and I'm always a sucker for middle cabinets. But I would have bought any butt-ugly piece that had these most amazing metal pulls. They add something hard and edgy; kind of rocker-chic. This piece will be tough to say goodbye to, for sure. But that's what I love about a creative business!! You put a bit of yourself into every piece. Each and every piece I work on is something I would put in my own home. It should be hard to see them go!

A little unexpected Duck Egg on the inside. Love this surprise punch of color.

Our MCM gem before:

This work never gets old.

Cate will be by tomorrow to share a piece I myself would buy in a heartbeat! I'm definitely swooning! 

Which reminds me, we kindly ask that you don't contact us regarding the prices of specific pieces. No prices have been calculated yet as we are still working on refinishing and getting the garage all spiffy for Saturday. The price range will be broad and well under what you'd find in either a big box store or antique market or barn, (a perk we're happy to offer by selling right out of my garage)!

Nova locals, please come visit!

Chelsea's Garage Sale #5
Saturday, June 7
**Herndon, VA,
**(please email chelseasgarage@gmail.com for the address)

Thank you so much for stopping by!


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