Cane-Backed Chair

It wasn't a "meet cute" - it was more of a "meet grimy."  I wouldn't have even noticed it had I not tripped on it in the thrift store.  But as I was rubbing my shin, I realized the chair had potential.  The brown shellacked wood was in good shape, there was no damage to the cane-backing, and the stained seat could be reupholstered.  So one newly-upholstered-seat and a fresh-coat-of-paint-later we had... this guy:

The wooden frame and cane were painted in another home-made chalk paint concoction.  The original color was a flat finish Behr paint called "Fashion Gray" mixed with Plaster of Paris and water to get this chalky finish.

I felt like the chair-before-bling looked too sweet.  Now it's a little edgy with its metallic touches.  I started by tacking the nails loosely in place to make sure I had the spacing right.

Once I was sure I liked the spacing, I nailed them the rest of the way in.  It's no secret that I am rapidly falling in love with nail head trim. 

Adding in this Chartreuse ikat pillow really plays up the edginess angle of the nail head.

I actually went to the thrift store looking for bookends... and (of course) I left with 3 completely random and non-bookend things.  The chair being the biggest prize.  Want to know what happened to the other 2 random thrift finds?  You'll have to check back in for a future guest post ;)

Look how far we've come cane-backed chair.  Can you spot Thor in the Before photo?

 Yes this chair would make a cozy addition to a sunny porch or a serene bedroom.  I hope he finds a good home come Saturday at the 5th Chelsea's Garage Sale!  Check back for the rest of our Week of Peeks - this and many many other show-stoppers will be available for sale THIS weekend: 

Contact us for the address - located in Herndon, VA. Hope to see you there!


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