Rustic DIY photo holder {hint, Father's Day is Sunday!}

Hi friends! I had another post ready for today but am cutting the line-up with this last minute DIY gift idea for Father's Day! So sorry it's this late; I didn't think of it until yesterday! This project is one you could certainly keep in your back pocket year round, (think Christmas gifts, hostess gift, birthday gift, just because)!

The idea blossomed as I was reorganizing the garage after last Saturday's garage sale, and I uncovered a handful of these tree stump disks that I used as votive candle pillars over Christmas. They're just so interesting; I knew there would be some way  to use them again. Given the small amount of space they take up, I thought they'd make perfect photo holders for a desk, bookshelf, or dresser!

-tree stump disks, (you could even turn over a small bowl or glass!)
-paper clips
-gold spray paint
-hot glue


-Spray paint the paper clips and let dry -Hot glue the bottom of the paper clips and stick onto whatever surface you're using as your base -Stick photo between the metal arms of the paper clip -DONE!

Given my late timing on this project and the fact that tree stump disks are a little hard to come by in June, (seriously, Chelsea, get with the program!), this would be a super project to pin and remember for the holiday season! These shaved tree stumps are free and found in plenty anywhere Christmas trees are being sold. Remind me to re-post in about 6 months, will you? :)

Have a wonderful weekend, all, and enjoy celebrating the loving, admirable men in your life. Happy Father's day!


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