DIY painted rug tutorial #2

Hi guys! Stopping by today to share another painted rug tutorial that I tried recently, (see the first here). To be honest, I wasn't sure how in the world this would turn out, but I'm crazy about the final product!

What you need:
--A natural rug, (braided, jute)
-Scotch Blue Edge Lock 3M tape, (#2093EL)
--Box cutter
--1 can of spray paint, flat finish

1. Lay your rug on a flat surface

2. Use your box cutter to carve deep cuts into your tape.  These are the pieces you'll peel off and stick on your rug.

3. Peel your carved tape pieces off the roll and stick them randomly on rug.

4. Stop to receive the most beautiful weeds in the world picked just for you by a sweet little boy (optional)

5. Shake can of spray paint for about 20 seconds and spray entire rug, holding can ~12" away

Let dry and bring inside!

You don't HAVE to use spray paint for this project, but what I love about spray paint for stuff like this is that it's already watered down for you, and already in spray form. The reason this rug works, aside from the fact that I love the print, is that it's not sticky or stiff in the least. Since the black spray paint is already diluted in the can it sort of seeps into the fibers of the rug rather than settling on top, as straight up paint would. SO, if you prefer to use regular, undiluted paint from a can, you'll need to transfer a portion of it to another sealed container where you can dilute it with water. Then just brush it on a few times over. If you happen to try this out please send a pic of your masterpiece! I always love seeing your own twists on ideas and how you incorporate them in your home.

Thank you for stopping by!


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