Sale recap!

The 5th Chelsea's Garage sale this past Saturday couldn't possibly have fallen on a more beautiful day!

Cate and I squeezed in this shot together right before the day got rolling. She managed to look effortlessly fresh and beautiful throughout the entire ordeal. I was already sweating at this point. Like a guy.

Luckily, I went through and snapped some pictures of the garage the day before, because once we opened the door, it was game on! As with the previous sales, there were guests waiting at the front of the house an hour early, (hence, my sweating).

Here's a little tour around the 'shop', as it looked on Saturday:

My favorite part of the day, and really, the whole reason I host these garage sales every now and then, was getting to meet and mingle with the friendly faces who came out. Some old friends, some brand new. This was one of our younger guests, practicing excellent patience while his Mommy and Daddy looked around. So, so sweet. :)

We've said goodbye to a hefty handful of pieces since opening the garage door last Saturday morning, but there are still some beautiful pieces left waiting for a new home! Please check both of the Available for Sale links on the right hand side under, 'New? The fun starts here!'. Those pages will be updated frequently as new pieces become available and old pieces go, so check back often! And of course, custom orders are always an option if you have a piece of your own that you'd like to refresh!

Coming up tomorrow and Friday I've got a brand new DIY rug tutorial, as well as an amazing online retail shop selling gorgeous handmade items, (for home, little ones and you), for a great cause. You're gonna love it; I can't get enough!

Thank you all for stopping by!


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