Glamorous Teal Bamboo Dresser

As you may recall, I have been slowly releasing the transformations of three thrifted finds:

No.1: a handsome globe & stand
No.2: a bamboo-front dresser
No.3: an old silver chest

And guess what, we're due another debut!  But before I show you the finished product, let's take a moment to fully take in the starting point: 

Yikes.  You can't tell in this photo really but this dresser was covered in chipping paint (revealing that this once was a white bamboo dresser) and had been refinished in hodgepodge of high gloss and flat matte black paint. Double yikes.

But that's a thing of the past.  May I present to you... drum roll please.... the Bamboo Dresser!  

I have been DREAMING of refinishing a bamboo front dresser since Chelsea did this custom order in Emperor's Silk Red.  This piece made me realize the regal-ness of the bamboo detailing.  I knew exactly how I wanted to refinish it if I ever got my hands on one: a sophisticated dark glossy teal and the sparkle of some high-end gold hardware.  So when I found this dresser hiding behind a clothing rack at Goodwill on a furniture sale day, I jumped at the chance to cross it off my furniture flip bucket list.


For the paint I chose "Peacock Tail" by Behr.  If you are tackling a project like this at home, normally I would not suggest a latex based paint for a furniture piece unless you're ready for some extra work.  Besides having to repair a lot of the damaged areas with wood filer, I had to sand the crap out of the entire beast in order to prep the surface for paint, roll the paint on carefully to avoid brush strokes, then sand and re-roll to get the final surface texture smooth, and finally seal it with a clear coat of polyurethane to give it that high-end sheen.  


The only reason I was so willing to use up so much of my elbow grease on this paint job was because it was the perfect shade of teal for my vision.  I included the color chip from Behr's website for your reference since sometimes I find that my photographs don't always accurately reflect the color of my pieces - especially if it has a reflective quality in the finish. 

"Peacock Tail" by Behr

"Peacock Tail" by Behr

The faux bamboo trim frames out inlaid panels with a woven texture.

With the help of my geometric lamp copycat you can see how the polyurethane sealant gives the piece a hollywood-regency-style sheen.


The original hardware was ok but my crow-like sensibilities wanted something... shinier.  And when I saw these brass bar pulls well, I really couldn't help myself.  They must've had to ship in from Siberia because the hardware took FOR-EV-ER to get here.  {Or maybe it just felt that way because I was too excited to wait patiently}.

Refinish a bamboo dresser in teal and gold... CHECK!

Available for Sale
36"W x 19"D x 46"H

If you are interested in this piece or a custom order like it, please email


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