It's good to be back!

Hi dear friends! It's so good to be back in touch with you and even better to be here on StyleMutt for my first time! Chelsea's Garage is officially non-existent. Just this past weekend we rerouted the Chelsea's Garage page to StyleMutt's homepage, so I hope ya'll got the closure you needed because that door is closed, baby! It was a good chapter and one I will always, always be grateful for. However, it was only made good because of the community behind it, and my heart is so uplifted that you all have joined us here on StyleMutt!

Cate and I still have a few kinks to work out and some more, (super fun), features to add in before this site is really functioning at the capacity we've dreamt it to be. But, we're really encouraged by StyleMutt's 'birth' and are looking forward to the direction it's going! One of the most frequent pieces of advice/comments I received when we first began talking about shutting down Chelsea's Garage and starting StyleMutt, was to maintain a personable site just as Chelsea's Garage was. We shared a whole lot of 'life happening' on CG and I promise you that's not going to change here.

You'll still see the same faces popping up here and there

And the ongoing happenings in, (and out of), our humble home

This isn't a family life blog, but Cate and I are going to be real and honest here. Consider that fair warning... :)

We've got some goodies on deck this week which we're excited to share, including StyleMutt's first official reader-shared content! 

Thank you so much for stopping by!