Little Orphan Lampie

True confession: I've had a lamp rehab post drafted since March.  EEP!  I had finished up this project in our old apartment last spring and was in a rush to sell before we moved (one less box to pack etc...) - so I never got around to it's debut post.

But now we are getting ready to move again and I was reminded that I never told you the story of little orphan lampie.   She was all "it's a hard knock life" lying there at the thrift store - with no base to stand on. You may recall that I actually found her the day a brought home the metal card catalog drawers I used for this guy (who's on super duper sale by the way *hint hint*).  

I was drawn to her industrial flare, flint gray paint job, and her graceful movements despite the layer of dust on her springs, but she couldn't stand up on her own.  So what to do, what to do...  Build her a concrete prosthetic.


My supplies:

Lamp in need
Concrete mix
Round cardboard box lid for a mold
Wooden dowel that's a small enough diameter to fit inside the hollow tip of the lamp
Duct tape
and WD40

Scroll through the images below to see how to use  the cardboard box lid as a concrete mold.

Surgery went well so are you ready to try standing up for the first time little lampie?

That's it girl!

Photo Mar 27, 12 21 11 PM.jpg

Keep going!

Now don't be shy!  Can you look up for the camera - show us who's my little number one?

The sun totally came out tomorrow for you didn't it little orphan lampie?

Even though this is old old news, I am happy to report that little orphan lampie went to live with her very own Daddy Warbucks (well actually it was city-living young professional, but same thing ;)

Have you rehabbed and orphaned item of your own?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments below or tag me in your pics on instagram!