Card Catalog Table - || It's ok to be naked ||

Before I go any further and you start jumping to nudist conclusions, just keep reading...  It all started with a trip to my local ReStore where I scored some vintage metal finds: a task lamp and a two-drawer metal card catalog.

Neither were in great shape: the task lamp was an amputee without a base to stand on, one card catalog cabinet was two-toned and looked like it had heterochromia (a condition where your eyes are two different colors), and the other had hilariously uneven handles.  I ended up only getting my blue-eyed/ green-eyed cabinet since something about it made me smile.  And so I brought home more misfits to my island of misfit DIYs... 

I'll have to save the lamps transformation for another post, but when I started on the card catalog, I knew I wanted to build a base for it and turn it into a table.  And that's when I got naked...

Naked wood.

Was that anticlimactic for you?  Well I am not sorry.  I think a nude wood is totally worthy of a peep show ;)  The days of our grandparents furniture modesty is over: you don't need to fill your home with dark and heavily shelacked finishes.  That's right, the modern home has gone naked.  There's something so simple and beautiful about light, unfinished, natural wood.  Just look at these drool-worthy photos in the raw:   

Source:  BoligLiv

Source: BoligLiv

Source:  Deko

Source: Deko

I mean, how tantelizingly neutral is all that nakedness?! 

I fashioned this beautifully minimal base from a couple of unfinished square dowels.  I was actually planing on staining the wood base until I got it all assembled and realized the natural blonde pulled out the bleached labels in the original drawer pulls - I just love how it makes that mysterious handwriting pop!  

Someone may find the mis-matched drawers to be a draw back, but I find it beautiful and quirky.  Wherever you are drawers J-S and T-Z, I hope you look as cute at this guy!

And he's the PERFECT size for a table-top record player yall.

The base also makes a great storage space to prop your collection of vinyls.

J'also-adore the patina: all the scratches and dings and paint splatter add to the mystery of the previous alphabet-organizing owner.

Card Catalog Table
18.5"W x 16"D x 27"H
$95 SOLD

If you are interested in this piece or a custom order like it, please email

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