Reader Design: Anna's bold n' eclectic living room

Hi friends! How often do stumble upon some epic home decor piece and fall head over heels, but hold back wondering how in the world you'd be able to work it in your home? Been there, done that! We're dishin up a hot Reader Design today by a gal who knows no such predicament. Our girl Anna, a fellow interior design enthusiast whom we've had the sweet pleasure of getting to know through Instagram, (@chicchickinwyo), shares our belief that decorating shouldn't include fear of breaking the rules, but rather foraged and shaped for exactly those who live in the home.

I mean, does this look like the living room of a woman who's afraid of trying new things and pushing the envelope?

Certainly not!!!

From Anna:

"When I've been asked to define my style,  I’ve decided I don’t have just one. My “design tribe” is a mix of modern, vintage, traditional, chic and more. I want people to come into our home and leave with ideas of how to make their own homes unique, FUN and totally their own."

"Our front room is the first place you walk into our home, so I wanted it warm, inviting and leaving you with something to talk about. "

Cue, "Something to Talk About" by Bonnie Rait, (good luck getting this one out of your head. You're welcome)

"The polka dot wall has become just that, I never thought putting polka dots on a wall would have such impact. I think its witty, funky, unexpected and totally me. I don’t take anything too serious, including myself or my décor.

That wall is like an exclamation point to an already stylin' room! And lovin' this happy little welcome to Spring, below. So sweet.

"Our gallery wall as well has people looking, talking and looking some more. It’s busy, sentimental and happy. I love that it’s always changing and evolving."

And I spy an adorable black and white checkerd kitchen floor...

"I like to rearrange and change up this room a lot and I’m very happy we decided to purchase white  furniture; it’s the ultimate neutral.  I like to use items most people wouldn't consider, and hear them say, “That works, it totally works!"

Darn right!

I had to save my boys' favorite for last. At ages 4 and 5, dinosaurs are our liiiiiife. Such a fun, whimsical element!

What a treat to get a peek into such an energetic home so full of life! Thank you, Anna, for this awesome tour of your living room! You can follow Anna's daily design adventures on Instagram @chicchickinwyo!

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Alright, let the weekending commence! Thank you so much for stopping by!