Reader Design: Tamara's Teeming House of Hippies

Awwwwwwwww yeah, it's Friday! And we have another reader design to dish out hot!  What's a #stylemuttspaces reader design you ask?!  It's our chance to celebrate what you love most about your home on our SPACES page and a way to serve up fresh (and even global) inspiration!

So let's hear from today's featured designer: Tamara in Monterey, CA:

"Welcome to house of hippies.  We are a fun family of 5... three girls 15, 13, & 6... and 2 dogs.  5 years ago we moved to Monterey from the Bay Area to be closer to my husband's work.  Family time means so much to us so moving to the beach was a no brainer."
"I saw a sign once that said "Color me Happy" I wrote that down and kept it on my fridge.  2 years later I'm using my color to make me happy.  When first moving in I was all about the beige walls and accent colors until I realized the power of white.  White walls that is.  Color is the key to life, the key to happiness, and the key to design if you use it right.  White walls make everything pop!  I love that!"
"My gallery wall came from over time.  It's my entry way.  It's a mix of my family portraits, inspirational quotes, canvas painting, and what I want my girls to read as the walk by each day to head out the door.  Positive quotes like 'a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.'"

I LOVE this idea of subtly instilling such important values in young girls by surrounding them with some positive truth.

"Then there's my things, my treasures I've collected from all over the place.  Not that I travel.  That sounds fancy.  I'm a road tripper and love to venture all around California.  Weekend trips with my girlfriends or mama and sisters.  Venice beach, Big Sur, and San Francisco are my faves.  Sometimes it's a succulent or vase, but I always bring back a little something for the house to showcase where I've been!  It's another little thing that makes me happy."

That skull pillow is cracking me up.  If I were to be x-rayed right now, I'm sure the doctor would find I too have beach on the brain.

What a great orb light!  It reminds my of my DIY plug-in version.  And I love that mantle vignette!

"I'm eclectic so I gather from everywhere.  My leather chair I found on the sidewalk by a liquor store.  You don't know how strong you are until you can't leave it behind.  It was like leaving a kid behind, no way.  So my inner strong lady came out to help me load her up in the Chevy!  I tend to adopt furniture.  They don't always get names so don't worry."

I, on the other hand, make no such promises - I name almost everything ;)  And is this some curbside secret I've not been privy to?!  Do I need to start loitering outside of ABC to score a leather chair like that?

"Other pieces like my bench I'm using as a coffee table and 2 side chairs (at my dining table) were mine growing up, my family ate dinner using them every night... and now my family uses it."
"Then I stepped up my fame from free to Pottery Barn.  My sofa and console table are a perfect staple for any design direction I want to change up next.  My tan sofa goes with my huge selection of pillow and throws, those suckers are ever changing, like weekly, it's crazy but that's how I like it."

Can you spot how many pillow/ wall art/ decor changes we've already seen in this post? 

I am constantly playing that same decor switcheroo game.  Now check out her patio:


And the bedrooms:


I can't decide which pop of yellow I love more.  And how about that string of feathers as the headboard art?!?  Getting some major decor ideas of my own... 

"Our house is tiny 1,050 sq.ft. of pure love.  I have a few more hallway projects and my master is going grey.  It's ever changing happiness here, I guess it's just the little things that make this hippie mama happy!"

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And of course this dog momma couldn't help but end on a pup pic :)  Happy Friday!