Easy DIY Teacher Gift Idea

Today is our kids' last day of preschool! Here they were all giddy to be wearing backpacks last Fall: 

And one school year later:

It's been a wonderful year and an awesome experience to watch how they've grown. As a parent, one of the many things I've learned about teaching is that it can be a challenging, messy job!

It's got to be one of the most emotionally draining, often times ridiculous, and overall exhausting jobs out there. I adore my children; they are absolutely three of my lifes greatest joys. But I don't expect them to be someone else's greatest joys. And yet, those who have devoted their time to teaching them with encouragement, patience and wisdom have done so with great joy that has been nothing less than genuine and sincere. 

Our twins were only in preschool this past year, but it's not lost on me the effort that went into them. So, to thank the head teacher who embraced them, encouraged them, and has even squeezed our Mason into her class for next year, we made her a hand towel with their hands! We threw Mason's hands on there even though she hasn't taught him yet - she'll have her hands full with that one so this serves as both a 'thank you' and 'we're sorry in advance' gift. :) 

This was one of the quickest little projects I've done with the kids! Here's the low down:

-2 pack of flour sack towels from JoAnns, ($5.99)
-1 bottle of black fabric paint from JoAnns, ($2.49)
-paper plate
-paint brush, any size
-old towel

-Spread the flour sack towel over the old towel so it's nice and flat. Smooth out wrinkles.
-Squirt some black paint onto the paper plate
-Using the paint brush, dip into the paint and then paint child's hand
-Have/help child press their hand flat onto the flour sack towel and then lift straight up
-Lay out flat to dry
-Launder as normal, (normal cold cycle, then throw in the drier)

That's it!!! Then you can wrap it however you please and tie on a clever tag.

Since we got 2 x 2pks of towels, I had some extras to play with! Here are some other designs I made.

This one was done with a ruler and a fine point sharpie! I just made long straight vertical stripes equal distance apart, and then free-handed the 'feathers' on them. This one was an easy copycat I saw on from Gardners 2 Bergers. I loved Becca's Anthro inspired fringed feather's towel, (and how they were hung on the rope!)

And here I literally just pressed my thumb into the black fabric paint and did an all-over polkadot pattern. I love how the dots came out a little uneven and misshapen. No two look the same!

Three simple ideas for a blank white flour sack towel.

The possibilities of a blank white flour sack towel are endless. What would you design?!

Thank you all so much for stopping by! 

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