Votin' for my Homies ||A Shameless Plug||

BIG NEWS ya'll!  From May 20th to June 30th, you can submit and vote for your favorite #SOdomino spaces at domino.com.  Now we love a good space as much as the next one (just check out our SPACES page) so pop on over there and have yourself an ogle and be sure to encourage your fave with a vote!  And hey, if you think of us as friends and want to love on our girl Chelsea while you're over there... give her space a vote - we won't be mad.  *winkwink*

Even if you don't think of yourself as more than a StyleMutt Home reader, Chelsea and I hope you know how much you mean to us.  Seriously guys.  Every one of you we have had the pleasure of coming in contact with have been so wonderful and encouraging and incredibly unique.  We want nothing more than to take all that you inspire us with and pour it back out as a resource for all breeds of style.

Whether you've tagged your photos with #stylemuttspaces and were featured on our SPACES page, sent us design conundrums for a second opinion on facebook, tipped us off to a fun giveaway or contest on instagram, or just left a sweet comment on a post - we count you as our friends, muses, cronies, pals, besties, and homies.  That's right, I said homie.  Can you roll with that?  

Alright, we get it.  You don't have to see us in the same way... yet.  Maybe what you need is more convincing.  So in a shameless effort to win your vote [and your friendship], we though that we'd make complete and happy fools of ourselves.  Here's to hoping the following photo reel will help you see us more as the homies you could roll wif...

So what do you think?  Could you be friends with this couple of style mutts?


So you're saying there's a chance?!

How 'bout now?  Is this helping?

It helps a little?  Ok good.

Then you should really like what's coming next...

Awwwwww cheah!  You wanna hang with this ridiculousness don'tcha?

[Can you tell it was hard to keep a straight face?]

Ok in all seriousness...

We didn't choose the thug life.  The thug life chose us...

We really do love you to pieces.  Even if this makes you want to run for the hills rather than be our friend or lend us your vote, we hope we could make you smile or laugh at some point.

But if we did prove that we could be your homies and you think the feeling might be mutual, show our gal Chelsea some love and vote for Chelsea's submission!

Just follow the link to click the vote button on the submission page!

And don't forget to enter your own photos on domino.com or tag your pics on Instagram using #SOdomino and @dominomag.  We'd love to cheer you on and vote for you too - even if it does toughen the competition ;)