Reader Design: Summer's Coastal Inspired Bungalow

Hi Friends! You know what's one of my favorite things about this time of year? Evening walks. And my favorite part of evening walks? Snooping around pretty homes! When you see a home that looks warm and inviting from the outside, you've just gotta see the inside! I've gone so far as to walk up driveways for a better peek, but am still working up the courage to just give a swift knock and ask for a quick tour. (My husband would NEVER support this hah!)

Here is such a house I would definitely ask for a tour if I were passing it by on the street. And lucky for all of us, we're getting one today!

Summer, from Simple Stylings, has created the sweetest, coziest little home for her and her family in Charlotte, NC. With an affinity for coastal elements, there is a relaxed, 'come and stay awhile' vibe.

From Summer:

We live right outside of Charlotte, NC in a small and cozy three bedroom, two bath bungalow. Sometimes I wish I had a bigger, better space but I love our 1500 square foot home so much especially because of all the blood sweat and tears we’ve put into it. 
One of my favorite parts of our home is our outdoor spaces. Although tiny, we have a great front porch and last year my dad built us a beautiful back deck perfect for hanging out and entertaining. Aren’t Dad’s the best?!
I also have a deep love for the coast which definitely plays a roll in almost every room. You’ll find lots of seagrass, clam shell bowls and capiz shells around here with blues, greens, white and tan as the back drop. I love cozy slipcovered pieces and painted furniture with some beautiful wood thrown in the mix.
 I love that my home is part of my job and deep down I think I enjoy the chaos of having three or four projects going on all at the same time. I grew up nearby and my parents have bought and sold many homes which has fueled my love for decorating and design.

Can you believe this is Summer's closet? Lovin' that large scale pattern on the wall. Gooorgeous!

Currently we have a top secret kitchen project in the works as well as some living room updates! My son’s playroom has also fallen victim to my need for change and will be revealed soon. I would love for your guys to come by for a virtual visit (and literally too if your in the Charlotte area!). Thanks again for having me!

Well, Summer, the pleasure has certainly been ours! We will definitely be stalking your blog for that kitchen reveal! If you'd like to follow Summer's daily decorating adventures, you can check her out on Instagram @simplestylingsblog.

Thank YOU all for stopping by and inviting StyleMutt Home in to your day!

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