Small Bath Inspo

Hi Friends! As we cross the half-way threshold of summer, I'm just about ready to tackle our small master bathroom that I've been planning for about 4 years. The funny thing is the plans are really nothing grand - certainly not 4 years worth of planning grand! But it's a bathroom. Truth be told, bathrooms just don't generally excite me. Unless, of course, I've been sitting in infamous Northern Virginia traffic with a full bladder, barely inching forward, sweating like crazy, certain that bladder explosion will be my ruin. In that case, any sort of semi-private covering excites me!

But our small master bathroom doesn't excite me in the least and I'm ashamed to admit that I've been dragging my feet on perking it up the least little bit. The image below is one I found somewhere on Pinterest and is basically what we're working with. Except ours has a gray tile floor and is a little smaller - turn that tub into a stand-in shower and that's it, ladies and gents! No counter space, zip storage, and certainly not enough room for two people to use at once. 

After taking some time to think about and complete our bedroom, I've finally got a direction for our master bath. This image made me really excited to go dark or go home -  I love the contrast of the dark wall, the wood, and the crisp white porcelain fixtures. While subway tile is not in our initial plan, it's not something I'd rule out adding down the road!  



Pulling my favorite things about this image - the dark walls and warm wood - I created a design board for our own bathroom inspiration.

The plans are already in motion! I've picked up the shower curtain, (an out of stock Target Threshold number), paint, and baskets. We've already framed out a medicine cabinet mirror before, so we just need to measure and purchase our wood and then find our light fixture.

Excited to turn the tiniest, dullest room in our home into something....less dull. Stay tuned!

Thank you for stopping by, friends!