Pretty + Simple Surface Organization

Do we all agree there are worse things than a cluttered, unorganized dresser? Of course there are! But it's amazing the effect that living with disorganization can have on a person. It's unsettling! But how unsettled do we allow ourselves to get before we do something about it? Do you organize as you go day in and day out? Do you dump on a surface for a month before you put things away? Or do you wait until you absolutely can't find what you need to buckle down and tackle the job? Our tolerance for disorganization may differ from person to person, but at some point, I think it does affect us negatively. Why live that way? 

I recently tackled a corner of our bedroom that's been unattended for quite some time. This beautiful dresser, (part of a family heirloom bedroom set), has been the end-of-day dumping ground where we empty pockets of receipts and loose change, kid's drawings, and random doodads. It never got wildly out of control so we've just sort of lived with it this way for the past few years.

I had an epiphany one day - if I put in even the smallest amount of effort into this dresser top, it could change the way we use it! The first place I started was removing the items that could go elsewhere, (or in the trash).

After a short trip to Target scoping out what they had on clearance, I came home with a small lamp, candle, black washi tape, and wire desk organizer. My total cost was $20 but the collective impact of these items dramatically changes this corner. Check it out!

Ah, much better!  Without removing the sentimental pieces, (kids art, a homemade plaque,  an old pic from our newlywed days), and with a few new, modern additions, this corner is  functional, airy, and  much more appealing.

This wire desk organizer, found for $3, is a great way to stash colognes, perfumes, receipts, golf score cards, whatever!

With a gazillion colors and patterns of Washi tape out there, it can be tough to decide what to use! I absolutely love the thin, black option - it's clean, classic, and gives a modern flair to an ever-changing gallery.

I don't claim to be even a half-way decent organizer, (that's Cate's expertise!), but I can certainly tackle one corner, one surface, one shelf at a time. Baby steps, folks, baby steps. 

Thank you all so much for stopping by!