Time for another stencil vote! ||Boys' room tweaking||

Hi friends! It's so good to be stopping by here with you; with just over a week until school starts for our oldest, the twins,  I admit I haven't had much desire to do anything else but spend time with them doing what they enjoy! But I really need your advice and am hoping you'll help me out with something!

This is our boys' shared room. They are currently 5 and 4 years old and while they adore each other and playing together, it's also been difficult under our roof to find any time alone. With all the toys and games currently in our basement, that's been the natural play place. My husband and I thought if we bunked the boys' beds that would create a lot of space in their room, opening it up to bring toys and create a second play space. 

Last weekend my husband and brother, Caleb, (Cate's husband), bunked the beds, and oh my word, is there a lot of space for play!!! I have been praying that this change would be a blessing to our boys, particularly our son who desires time alone here and there. So we want to make it a really fun room! We're currently designing and building a piece for which to keep toys in this room without taking up a large footprint, and other than that we will not be adding more furniture and decor. We want it to be simple and open and a space where a boy can spread out and let his imagination run wild. 

The right side of the room is where the beds are bunked, so we've got this long wall that you see when entering the room where I want to add a fun pattern!

I've rounded up the following 4 stencils from my favorite site, Cutting Edge Stencils
Stencil 1: Birch forest
Stencil 2: Fir trees
Stencil 3: Navajo tribal
Stencil 4: Drifting arrows

There really isn't a 'theme' or style that we're trying to attempt here; just a fun, layed back room with open floor space. The beds are a warm wood tone and we're leaning towards using light, raw, unstained wood for their toy storage. I'm also thinking of using a navy and white or rust and white combo for the stenciled wall. 

Okay, guys. I need help here. Go with your gut and leave your vote below in a comment! 

Thank you so much for stopping by!