Reader Design: An Artists Bungalow

Well alert the papers and toss the confetti!

This isn't just our first reader design of 2016, it's our 50th tour on our Spaces page! We are incredibly humbled by the talent and inspiration spilling over that page and it doesn't slip by us that it's our most viewed page and generates the most traffic to our site. You are amazing and we are so very grateful for what StyleMutt Home is because of your generosity in sharing here. We wanted all our eclectic pals to feel at home and have a sense of ownership here at StyleMutt Home and sharing through the Reader Design home tours, (collected on our SPACES page), has turned out to be an amazing way to get involved. If you're a new friend here and interested in a home tour feature, all you've got to do is contact us at! We'll be happy to chat with you!

We are celebrating our big 5-0 today with a true style mutt's home. Holly not only knows how to blend style and functionality, but her home also serves as a gallery for her brilliant art pieces. Let's take a look around!


My husband and I moved back to Peterborough (my hometown), in Ontario, Canada two years ago. This 1300 sq ft bungalow was the only house we looked at and I knew this was where we should raise our family. We have two daughters age 4 & 6, our dog Dublin is our first child age 9.
In our foyer there was no room to hang coats or bags. My Uncle helped me hang salvaged pieces of wood on the wall and then we added hooks. I was on the hunt for the perfect hardware online and my mom mentioned that she had a bag in her basement I might be interested in. She had saved these hooks from her childhood home, I think they add character with the bits of pink paint chipping off. 


My favourite spot to relax and enjoy a cup of tea is on our sofa in the living room. This room also gets incredible light and I’m able to look around and see so many of our collectibles and artwork. We love midcentury design and architecture, and bungalows are what I’m personally drawn to.

Well, hello there, Dublin!

The kitchen has a full wall of windows that opens up to a very private yard. In the warmer months it is filled  shade, something our last backyard was lacking. Our girls are able to play and we can watch them from inside if we are preparing a meal or lounging in the living room. The previous homeowners did a great job on the renovation in this space and it is filled with high end appliances. While the finishes may not have been my first choice, I’m learning to like them. My studio is in the basement so if I feel like painting upstairs I set up at the table & get messy with our girls. 
Our taste is definitely an eclectic mix of styles. I love thrifting and mixing vintage furniture and accessories with my artwork. I love colour, texture and pattern and I’m not afraid to mix things together. I think when friends enter our home they see our personalities in our décor choices and artwork. 

Thank you so much, Holly, for this amazing tour! What brilliant style; so inspiring. You can follow Holly and her work on Instagram @hollyyoung77 and on her site,

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!