A Room for Lilith

"Ladies, meet Lilith."

These were the words spoken by an awesome client we had the pleasure of working with over a year ago that sent us into a frenzy of excitement! Our friend had nothing else for her bedroom except for this painting; a treasured piece she had seen several years before she had saved enough to purchase, and it was to be our jumping off point for her bedroom.

So naturally, we studied Lilith! Her colors, her personality - we were just getting to know our client but felt like we could learn a lot about her from this piece she so cherished. Lilith was rustic and earthy but with a good dose of glam and sophistication. She's both gentle and serene but every bit edgy and fierce. Luckilly for us, Lilith was eclectic! So we created a room around Lilith, just as requested.

We started with this very early design board which served to nail down the general feel of the room through mixing specific colors and styles.

And here's what we came up with!

Lilith got a grand place on a nice blank wall opposite the bed. Once we got her hung she looked like she was on display in her own private museum gallery, so we left her alone rather than add more pieces around her.

The natural and rustic element of the headboard, (an antique door which we repurposed for this project), is beautifully contrasted by French provincial nightstands and brass and white reading lights. The bed is a mix of soft colors and soothing textures.

Lilith wouldn't be one to waste any useful space, so we followed suit and created a built in windowsill desk for our full time employee and grad student client to study and buckle down without sacrificing a beautiful view and natural light.

This was our first experience in creating a room around a solitary piece of art and it proved to be a fun and exciting challenge! Fortunately, I get to work with Cate who is much more the art connoisseur in our partnership! I was at least mature enough to not blush and giggle when I first saw Lilith. ;)

Have you ever created a room around a piece of art? Link your projects below so we can check them out! Thank you all for stopping by!