Intended Flip-Turned-Keeper

Hi friends! Popping by today to share a quick flip from last week - my second piece since the kids started school a few weeks ago, and after the first one sold so fast I was feeling a premature adrenaline rush from finishing another and getting it in the shop. I definitely didn't expect a change of heart!

It wasn't even when I was finished painting this piece, (in Rustoleum Protective Enamel in flat white), that I decided to hold onto it. It was the process of styling it for photos!

Matt and I have been planning a little re-design on our main floor which will leave a prominent wall empty. Given the dimensions of this rather petite piece, (it's only 66.5" tall and 37" wide), I wouldn't have thought it proportionately appropriate for a wall that is nearly 12 feet high.

But while styling this piece for photos to get it ready for sale, I started to fall in love with the empty space around it. I added a distressed piece of leather that I stole from a chair, (that I promised my husband I'd put back together), above the piece, as well as a snake plant standing tall by it's side. All of a sudden this piece took on a larger presence than it's modest dimensions.

And the detailing on the drawer and cabinets? Well that was love at first sight anyways!

Cate and I have always remained true to our own unique styles when we refinish furniture. I can honestly say that every piece I've ever done is how I would refinish it for my own home. And sure, my style has changed over the years so what I was doing 5 years ago isn't necessarily what I'd do now, but it's all been true to my style at the time. For this reason it's often hard to see pieces go, but every once in a blue moon I am my own customer.

I can't wait to share the redesign of our main floor but it will be a few months, though, as our Fall schedule has left little room for such work; like a current E-Design job that we're wrapping up in the middle of October! It's coming along beautifully - here's a recent progress shot that our client sent over!

We'll be sharing the full tour in about a month - it'll be full of a few surprises we can't wait to reveal!

Thank you all for stopping by and have a wonderful day!