Wood Pulls Dresser


Meet the new workshop.  It’s pretty much the same as the whole workshop - but it's the main reason for my blog radio silence for the last 2 months.  Since April, Caleb and I have been in the throes of moving into a new rental townhouse (pics of that to come I promise!).  Besides the usual packing/ unpacking, we've been putting a lot of sweat equity into the new place (huge shout-out to my paint crew AKA Chelsea and fam!) which has also entailed aking a crash course in drywall to transform the unfinished garage into a suitable new workspace.  


Finally, we’ve got most of the major projects done and I can start accumulating inventory again - starting with this one!


I asked you on Instagram if I should paint or restore and got mixed results so the people pleaser that I am, I decided to do both ;)


Sometimes I can’t bring myself to paint beautiful wood that’s still in good condition.


So instead I re-oiled the drawer fronts and did my new favorite take on two-tone and painted the outer surfaces.


Yes you called it - I used my favorite “Black Boudoir” by Behr yet again.  I mean just look at how moody and inky these other pieces turned out?!? It’s hard not to like.

Pieces featuring "Black Boudoir" by Behr Marquee


This extra-long beast has sx drawers and a cabinet in the center with three shelves.


The interior shelving make it an ideal media center or TV stand because you can simply close the cabinet door when you want to hide your electronics.


I had a hard time deciding what to do with the knob on the center cabinet door.  The original pull was a fancy floret and read a little too traditional.  After a quick poll on social media, I decided to go with the clear winner - an antique brass knob that has similar contemporary lines to the unique wood pulls on the drawers.  


I'm in love with the organic lines of the pulls and the Mid Century Modern tapered legs!


This piece’s styling is brought to you by my dad’s vintage record collection (which heavily favors Bruce Springsteen I might add).


And for a touch of brass - my favorite little “pocket change” tray.


More pics to follow of the rest of our new place (but please let me get back into a cleaning routine first!) - ha!  #letsbereal

Dark Wood-Pulls Dresser
Now Available for Sale
74” W x 19” D x 30.5” H

If you are interested in this piece or a custom order like it, email me at cate@stylemutthome.com

Geometric Tallboy

In all my furniture hunting, I have not seen a piece with that geometric detailing down the drawer fronts.  When I saw it on the Facebook marketplace, I just had to get my hands on it! 


Now I have a rather strict price-to-distance ratio where I am more willing to buy a piece if the pick-up is local.  This hit my price point just fine but was waaaay outside of my usual driving radius.  I decided to reach out to the seller anyway only to find out there was already a lot of interest (I figured as much) so I was ready to let it go and keep hunting.  A few weeks before the holidays I ran across the listing again.  It turns out the seller was preoccupied with selling a house and hadn't locked in a buyer yet.  I blew on my fingers, rubbed my hands together, and went to work... 

Despite her slow response rate, my persistence paid off and paid off big!  Turns out it was already loaded in the family van and her husband was going to be traveling my way for work.  Score!  Over a month of begging the seller for updates while weighing the logistics of driving deep into Maryland and her husband literally dropped it off at my garage door at no extra expense!

Once I had it in the workshop, I realized I had to do some serious repairs to the veneer on the sides - repairs which I could not mask without the help of paint.  And so I turned to my new favorite "Black Boudoir" by Behr Paint. 

But I wanted to save as much of the wood grain as possible (just look at it!!!) so I settled on a two-tone look:


While he was dropping it off, the husband told me it was his mother's dresser.  I tried to do her justice by bringing it back to life.


The original knobs got a quick refresh.


The exposed wood on the drawer front got some serious conditioning.


Because of the repaired damage, the top, sides, and geometric detailing got a coat of paint and sealed in a wax which I buffed to a satiny sheen. 


For styling, I decided to play with faces - literally.  I hung a few of my favorite Matisse portraits above an offset it with my new favorite home décor accessory: a Jonathan Adler-esque Dora Maar-inspired vase.

Geometric Tallboy
Now Available for Sale
36"W x 18"D x 42"H

If you are interested in this piece or a custom order like it, email me at cate@stylemutthome.com to ask about availability and our shipping policy.

Handsome Holiday Flip

Hey, sweet friends! Welcome! I've missed connecting with you all here, but you know...life! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and that you're enjoying this time of year at a pace that feels right. I know that's different for us all but as I'm getting a wee bit older every year I'm learning that what I choose to take on doesn't have to be the status quo. This season with all of our children in school for the first time still feels fresh and new and I've found that the adrenaline I used to have to get things done in a pinch while juggling our brood of multiples has leveled out a bit. Still, I wrestle with that desire for busy-ness and the Lord has been teaching me quite a bit about Himself in the constant ebb and flow.

One of my joys that's carried over into this new season of life continues to involve thrifting and flipping furniture finds! Today I've got a handsome flip I finished recently - an unexpected score from an unexpected thrift stop. Those finds are my favorite. I never seem to find what I'm looking for, but I always find what I'm not looking for. (I got your line, song writers).

He's a dapper tallboy, isn't he! He started off an orange-y stain which really wasn't doing his brass pulls justice. And we just can't resist good brass around here! I wanted to create a bit of contrast against the brass with a crisp white coat of paint, but left his base wood. White + wood + brass has been my favorite refinishing combo these past few years; it's a timeless classic especially if you want to maintain the integrity of an older piece.

He was also a bit petite when I found him since he didn't have any legs to stand on. Thanks to a set of tapered legs my dear Cate had on hand and graciously gave me for this project, he has a bit more presence now. Tell miss Cate 'thank you', my handsome boy!

I'm really enjoying seeing the versatility of tallboys lately! In a smaller home or apartment these work beautifully as a bar, buffet and storage piece in a dining room. They don't take up a large footprint so they're fun to move around and play with here and there. :)


Two-Tone and Brass Tallboy
48.75"H x 32"W x 19"D
Contact chelsea@stylemutthome.com if interested in this piece or a custom order like it!

Thank you all for stopping by! I'll be back next week with a holiday home tour to share with you!