For the Love of Color

It's no secret I love ALL THE COLORS!  I use them every chance I get - in my decor, paint colors, clothing choices... I just can't help myself.  And I know I'm not the only one ;)

In fact I have found a tribe of ladies who feel the same way about ROYGBIV.  It is my great pleasure to have teamed up with Blue I StyleCopper Dot Interiors, Domicile37, Mila Jest CafePMQ for Two, and Semigloss Design on a special new Instagram hashtag.  It's an open invitation to all who love color like we do and incorporate the a bold color pallet in your home decor or DIY projects (and hey - don't forget black and white are colors too).  Simply tag #MyBoldHues on instagram and peruse the hashtag to meet your fellow color-loving tribe members.  And in celebration, your hosts will give a special shout out to some of our favorites the last Wednesday of every month.  

So without further ado, please give it up for my inaugural round up of #MyBoldHues favorites: 

We all know I can't help but love a pup pic, but @modernpups had me at this yellow-friendly gallery wall!

With the healthy surge of feminism going around, I couldn't help but stop at this roaring blush and it's sassy emerald green friend.  This color combo has historical been labeled as "girly" but this pic tagged by @sophierobinsoninteriors has me like - and is that a bad thing?

@Kaliochic please invite me to whatever inevitably fabulous soiree you are planning here.  I promise I won't even eat the food, just sit in the presence of this colorFULL tablescape and be sure to only drool on my own shirt.  

And who wouldn't want to stay here in this heavenly saturated green airbnb by @contendandcompany?  What a DREAM!  And what a place to do some dreamin' I might add.

Thank you to all who have been tagging your photos and have joined this new little IG community!  We hope this will continue to be a place to inspire and find inspiration!

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