Reader Design: Lisa's Global Retreat

This one is for the travelers. The ones out there who have insatiable wanderlust like myself. Or even those who just like to dabble in some global cuisine every now and then.

Lisa's Chicago home represents years of travel. Her home tells us where she's been and gets more unique with every trip she takes and item she brings home.

The feeling hits you the second you come through the door. And it's not just one thing. But the thing that jumps out at me is that gallery wall. Now, we all see a lot of gallery walls. But this is something else. 

It's a lovingly curated collection of works from one of Lisa's favorite artists as well as some of her own work and will be something she adds to throughout her life. It perfectly represents her aesthetic philosophy.

From Lisa:

I love spaces that are functional and classic, with meaningful keepsakes, souvenirs, and artwork sprinkled in there. If an object/piece of furniture doesn’t serve any sort of purpose in the space or if a souvenir/piece of artwork doesn’t evoke a feeling, then it shouldn’t be there.

In the living room, you notice the textiles. 

I have a few blankets that I bought in Peru that I LOVE. I came home with a new suitcase full of Peruvian textiles but still felt like it wasn’t enough...

All those global influences make a place feel special but can be difficult to bring together.

I’ve been fortunate enough to do a good amount of traveling in my life , and most places have influenced me in some way. It can actually hinder me a lot of times when I’m trying to put together a space. When I was in my early 20’s, I spent some time living in Italy and Southern France. I love the softness of French style, but I also love the ruggedness of an Argentine estancia. Those cultures influenced me a lot in the way I live and especially in my aesthetic choices. The key is to figure out how to make those contradictory elements work together.

So how do you do it? How do you take influences from literally all over the place and make it feel cohesive, unified, homey? It's a question Lisa has a pretty good answer to. 

When designing a space, my starting point is always going to be Function. What is the point of this room? What are people going to be doing in here? Once you’ve established the function of the room, you can start figuring out what layout and styles will make the most sense.

Well done, Lisa. This home functions beautifully. I know that I for one will stay tuned on Instagram @lisalaurens to see where your travels lead you next! 

Thanks for following along, mutts!