Mid-Century in 'Scholar Green'

Hi friends! Everyone surviving the dead of winter, alright? It's a tough few months, for sure; I, for one, could use a lot more snow! I love the winter. Absolutely love it. But, these chilly, brown days are getting old! I've been coping with some nice long runs every week and flipping some early year finds! Before the kids even went back to school after the holidays we snagged these three pieces over a spontaneous thrifting adventure together. I shared the transformation of the chair here, and today I've got the 4-drawer dresser to show ya!

It's a great, sturdy piece; just needed a little attention! First thing I noticed about this piece was just how petite it was. It was very low to the ground and I wanted to add some height. Rather than adding typical tapered legs, I built this one a simple base out of light poplar wood to give it a lift. I kept the wood bare so it's future owner could add a stain of their choice if they so desire.

The color green has had a soft spot in my heart for the past few years and I've played with various shades ranging from light mint to grass green. But this deep green, ('Scholar Green by Ralph Lauren), has been a hands down favorite for the past year, starting with this piece, followed by an immediate custom order just like it, then this brass clad antique, and of course, this hallway and guest room! Mix it with soft pastels or bold black and white patterns; it's beautifully grounding in a space and bridges the gap between a mostly neutral room and a color clad space. There is a lovely in between and finding the right grounding colors that appeal to you is important.

Dark Green Mid-Century Dresser
43.5"H x 34.25"W x 17.75"D
Please contact me at chelsea@stylemutthome.com if interested!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!