Shire's Pink Room

Hi friends! With one day of a new school year under our belts Summer already feels like a lifetime ago. Boy did it go by fast! But even at warp speed we still managed to squeeze one itty-bitty little makeover in there. :)

There was no plan to update Shire's room, but after a pretty major home maintenance issue  forced us to toss some damaged furniture, etc, I tried to find a silver lining around the unfortunate incident. Or rather, a blush lining. After purchasing the least expensive necessities I could find, her room had lost some of it's Shire charm. And if there's one thing I know to be true, there's no bigger impact for your buck than a can of paint! Shire's style has always been different from mine. I don't even care if that's on purpose to spite me; I love her dearly for it. She is her own gal!

And this gal loves pink! Shire seems to be fully embracing her role as the only girl sandwiched between two brothers, and what's so endearing to me is that right now at age 8, being feminine to Shire means dresses and pink. To which I say, Rock it, Darlin'! So I wanted to gift her a pink room. After explaining that this is her room for the long haul and it may be wise to choose a pink that she can grow with as she gets older, we tried these samples:


All are Behr colors and my girl chose the middle one, Castilian Pink.


I never thought I could love a pink so much! Much less the kind of mauve-y pink I've stayed away from my whole life because it washes me out. Haha!!!


I didn't really do much else! The bed and bedding were a new necessary purchase but the other items have been around for a while. I love how the various wood tones, hits of black, and especially the subtle touches of red stand out against the dusty rose backdrop!


The List of Countries chart was a fun collaboration with our friends over at Bold Tuesday! Every country is listed by shape and title, from largest span to the smallest. You get a sheet of red dot stickers to place next to countries you've visited!


Aaaaaand we haven't visited many. Can you find our 4 red dots? Our family consensus is that we like the shape of Brazil best, Chile is super cool too, and the United States would look way better without Alaska.


I wanted to give Shire's room a slightly more grown up feel and turned her twin bed into more of a day bed that she can lounge on with a book, (she's a major reader - another serious divide between us). Funny how a different pillow placement kind of transforms the bed! I think it makes her twin look a bit bigger!


Shire's room is often our guest room, and she's already hosting her first guests: Some nomadic plants that needed a place to chill out during our kitchen reno downstairs.


I had always wanted a cascade-y plant but this isn't what I had dreamt of. It's untamable and out of control!


Last stop and I almost didn't throw it in here but...Shire had dozens of pieces of art on her walls collected since Kindergarten. It was time to make some tough choices and free up some wall space, for sure. I found this handwritten note from a friend last year and tacked it right up. I want my kids to always know the significance of simple acts of kindness - and the significance of paying someone such a heartfelt compliment as Shire's friend gave to her. I hope it encourages her to keep on keeping on. :)


Plus, if I'm being honest, I am totally digging that shade of red against the new pink walls. Hah!


And that's it! Not a major reveal but it was a perfect creative itch scratcher and just in time for our girl to start 3rd grade. 3rd grade! You would be right in assuming Matt and I are NOT old enough to have 3rd graders. ;)

Thank you all so much for stopping by today!


Shire's Room Makeover: The mission & the plan

I absolutely love playing with our home. It's a chance to try some different things and experiment. Playing around with arrangements, layout, colors, pattern, lighting, textures - it helps me learn in an environment where mistakes are accepted, and I can really get some experience under my belt.

But back to the mistakes. Our daughter, Shire's, room has probably been my greatest mistake yet. It's the smallest room in the house and when we moved her in here, I gave no thought to smart, functional space planning. I shifted things around on a whim, built her a bulky pallet bed platform, (leaving no under-bed storage), snagged a giant used wardrobe from Craigslist in mediocre condition, and called it good enough.

As the only girl under our roof, my heart went out to Shire. While she said she really liked her room, she never played in here. Not even once in a blue moon. Her dolls and doll clothes and puzzles were stashed messily in the wardrobe, (not pictured but just about 20" from the foot of her bed), and because the thing had become so disorganized she rarely opened it's doors, (which were hard to open anyhow because there was hardly any room left). After updating the boys' room when we bunked their beds, I saw how smart space planning really increased the use of their room for play time. Our three kids are all the same age so they naturally play with the same things and always together. It's hard to get alone time here; everyone's interested in the exact same things at the exact same times! This past summer it occurred to me that the kids bedrooms could be used for quiet, alone play time. And to get them that way they needed to be spatially planned better than they were.

So as soon as I was done with the boys' room, I turned my attention to Shire's. The mission was to spend nothing on her room makeover and this was the plan I designed on Olioboard:


The thing about a room makeover rather than a room design is that a makeover implies that you at least have existing stuff in a room. And the thing about having existing stuff is that you can either reuse it in a different way, or try to make a profit from it. And if you can make a profit from it, you've got yourself a little extra $ for your makeover! So up went the pallet bed and a few other things for sale, and with the money I invested in a few things I thought would really make this a special place for our girl.

A few players in the plan above include:
-Black twin metal bed frame from 9 by Novogratz

Sahaj Jute Curtains from World Market, (which would actually just be traveling across the hall from our room to hers)

Paint an unused bookshelf in our basement white, move it to her room

Move this painting by my grandmother above the bed

My goal has been to shop our house for pieces that make better sense for this room and use the extra cash from selling pieces we don't need on items that will compliment the room better. Aside from creating a room that makes better sense functionally and feels special to our Shire, the hope is to have a completely madeover space without spending a dime!

I've got a little ways to go and have deviated from the Olioboard design above just a bit, but will be coming back next week to reveal the full room makeover in it's entirety! Stay tuned, friends!

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Reader Design: Tiffany's Thrifty-Chic Girls Room

You guys know when you meet someone that you want to be friends with, like, yesterday? Tiffany is one of those people. Cate and I 'met' her through Instagram, sharing home design and DIYs, and she is just a burst of joy. Her kind personality is larger than life and she decorates from the same place in her heart - so radiant and full of life!

When I first saw photos of her 14 year old daughter's madeover bedroom, it was like a shot of 5-Hour Energy!! The mix of colors and pattern is just so, so fun. What a thoughtful Momma to have designed a room like this!

From Tiffany:

"So this is my daughter's room. Most of the furniture in this room has been thrifted. I love thrifting for furniture because I find that the quality of the pieces is much better and can obviously stand the test of time....or at least hold it's own with kids and teens! Since she's 14 I didn't want to go too "little girl" but at the same time, wanted the room to reflect her bright and cheery personality."

"Her headboard was a $3.00 find that I repainted in a soft gray-lavender color. The desk is part of a set that we got years ago on Ebay and as stated above, has definitely stood the test of time. The small dresser is actually from Ikea (Rast)  and I painted the drawers the same color as the headboard and the outer frame is painted white. The knobs are from Hobby Lobby and the trim work is from Home Depot. The pink bedside table was about $5.00 and the top actually opens up for storage, so snatching that piece up was a no brainer! I spray painted it and added a touch of "gold" to the bottom of the legs, just to jazz things up a bit."

Gold legs; check. Amazing art; check. Vibrant colors; check. Awesome Mom; double check.

"Her bedding is from Walmart ( I know right!!), and the rug is a steal from Homegoods."

Loving the bold rug under the bold bedding - teenage years are too short for timid subtly. 

"I really get a kick out of mixing high (or high for me) with low; new and old and seeing how it can all work together to create a really great space."

What an inspiring mix of thrifted and new pieces! Collected pieces go so much deeper than just decor - they tell stories and give a home warmth and character. This room is full of both and we are so grateful to you, Tiffany, for letting us share it here! Please thank your daughter for us, too! You can follow Tiffany @myeclecticnest on Instagram for more creative ideas!

We are in need of some more Reader Designs, everyone! Please submit photos of your own spaces to our Facebook page or by tagging #stylemuttspaces on Instagram! We love sharing all kinds of creative styles here and feel that everyone has something inspiring to share. Check out our SPACES page for an awesome growing collection of rooms from creatives around the world! 

Thank you all for stopping by and have a splendid weekend! "Make good choices!" (name that movie)