Reader Design: Amber's Fantastical Home

It represents a world where Alice in Wonderland meets Beetlejuice.

That's how a visitor once described Amber's family home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Surrounded by a bunch of boys, Amber has created a space that blends everyone's interests and loves.

Since I reside in a home full of boys, I am drawn to pieces that coincide with my son’s and husband’s interests, but are inspired by my flair for the dramatic.
It took a few years, and a couple unsuccessful projects to really find the direction I wanted to strive for in really expressing the inner being of my style. I’m mostly drawn to white and black pallets with a few small bold accents in the form of light fixtures, art work, pillows, and other decor.
I am not opposed to trends, and I believe that they can be incorporated to anyone’s preferences. However, I am very selective in my color palettes, decor pieces, and architecture. I tend to lean more towards modern and vintage furniture, artwork, and miscellaneous decor. When I first began, I knew I loved Art Deco Designs, but I did not exactly understand how I wanted to express it in my own home. It was definitely not just the ‘easy and convenient’ option to freshen up our living space and took years of thought.

Through some trial and error, Amber has landed on a style that makes sense for her and her family. An important component of that style are family heirlooms, some of which Amber has refinished and some of which she's left in the original state. 

There are too many of my favorite pieces to mention (I could, and should, write an entire book on that subject), but a lot of my decor comes from heirlooms my Grandparents have left to me in which I restored and customized. One heirloom of which I did nothing to and it means the world to me, is the portrait that graces my hallway wall labeled as “Lady Virginia”. My Grandfather purchased this portrait of an unknown lady in 1968 because it reminisced my Grandmother Virginia. On the backside of the portrait he inscribed that the picture would belong to my late Uncle Gerald, but sadly my Uncle passed away of cancer three years ago. Needless to say, I am proud to display this priceless piece of art in my home due to its’ background in our family history.

A home full of stories, some old and some new, is a beautiful thing. Amber, thank you for showing us around! 

Follow Amber along on Instagram at @the_beautiful_savages.

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Mid-Mod Dining Chairs

Not even two weeks into the summer and somehow I managed to get my hands on some Brody mid-century modern dining chairs!  Can I get a holla?!?!  Except there was only one problem...

 They looked like this:

See that splitting vinyl??  Tres tragique!  What's worse was even the underside of the chairs had instructions on how to care for the upholstery.  Someone had seriously neglected these puppies in a past life...

I motion that they add to the *DON'TS column: "Do not give to frat house or wreckless bachelor" (which is how I got my hands on them).

Since the original vinyl was so SHOT, I  had no choice but to replace the fabric.  New upholstery challenge accepted! 

As is my usual reupholstery MO, I went with a cream linen that really lightened up their silohuettes.

In a perfect world, I would've restored the original fabric.  But the seats and the backrests were truly unsalvagable.  The back panels, however, where in mint condition so after some jerry-rigging, I found a way to keep them for a two-toned contrast.

The chairs' original swivel chrome bases were in excellent shape as well. 

The backrests had some cute keyhole detailing - which I'm not gonna lie, was one of the trickiest parts of the reupholstery project.

But those wishbone keyholes, coincidentally, inspired the unconventional staging wall-art.

And (of course), I couldn't style a chair without my favorite Kilim pillow kid (shhh don't tell the others).

Is it just me or do they look like a chorus line?  

Let's practice that high kick ladies.

If you're in the D.C. Metro area and are looking for a set of dining chairs (or even some occasional or desk chairs if that's what you're in to) - hit me up.


Mid-Mod Dining Chairs
Now Available for Sale
$175 each/ $600 for the set

If you are interested in this set or a custom order like it, email me at

Reader Design: Vinaya's Serene Space

It must be rental season around here, because today, we have another amazing rental - this one, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Vinaya and her husband originally chose their Boston rental for its amazing location, but it has become 'home' over time! 

Over time, we’ve styled the space and now it truly feels like home. When I started decorating, I had no idea what my style was. I have gone through several design styles by now — which explains our farmhouse-style dining table and a cottage-style bed! If you ask me ‘today’, I prefer clean, modern lines that are also comfortable.

Vinaya's history of moving has forced her to curate her own collection of only the most loved and eclectic pieces - like her beautiful slatted second-hand coffee table. Of course, there are some things she can't change, like the carpet or white walls. Luckily, as we all know, white walls are the 'it' trend right now! 

From Vinaya:

I think one thing I can’t get my mind off is the all white interior. All white interiors are super trendy now, and I love that! But I also love color. And I also love black and white and graphic. I am really torn between a unified color scheme.
(un)Luckily for me, I can’t paint my rental – so I have no way of experimenting with this. But if I could, I think I will turn into someone who paints their walls a different color every month. So instead, I try to add color in other ways like art and accessories. One of my favorite things is my black and white gallery wall – I love the graphic quality of it and over a year later of putting it up I still enjoy looking at it!

For us renters, gallery walls (if your landlord is cool with holes) or a photo ledge like Cate & Chelsea pulled off here are great options to add your own personal touch! Vinaya's got this one down


Now to close with Vinaya's own words, that I believe represent the mantra by which all of us style mutts live:

I love trends, but don’t follow every trend out there. If it is something I truly like, I will still incorporate it even if it’s been over and done. And if I don’t really fall in love with something , I try not to do it just because everyone is doing it. I think if you decorate purely based on what you love, it will always be trendy to you, and that’s all that matters!

Follow Vinaya along on Instagram @hiphiphome or on her blog