Wood and |French| Linen Dresser

Well, we are in our 4th week of school here and only time will tell if I ever settle down and get used to the quiet of the house and the slower pace without my little ones around. Until then, I'll have a steady stream of things to share here! Turns out I'm finding comfort in creativity, just as I did years ago when my babies were new and I had that deer in the headlights look. Cate and I have had beautiful conversations about how we feel so connected with our Creator when we're creating. The joy we feel when creating something is just one way we've been made in His image, and this is where I've turned yet again during a difficult transition in life.

So today I'm sharing the third piece I've refinished since the kids have started school! You can catch up on the details of the first and second pieces if you'd like, but I'd say there is absolutely no trend from one piece to the next. I've been all over the place and have enjoyed myself immensely with each piece.

Today's piece leans a lot more rustic than the first two! I stripped the dark peeling stain from the beautifully angled drawer fronts and left that gorgeous wood alone!

Over the weekend my girl Shire and I took a tiny trip out to historic downtown Leesburg, VA to The Cottage, where we snagged a can of French Linen chalk paint by Annie Sloan. I love this warm greige color - it reminds me of putty! It's one of those neutrals that's a striking contrast to black, navy, brown, charcoal - it's just gorgeous. And because of it's warmth I tend to use it every Fall when the air turns crisp.

I styled this piece with a striking print from my friend Jessica over at Vol.25! The quality of her prints is really unparalleled. The designs are unique, the colors sharp, and she even sells them already attached to these wooden brackets. We actually just used a couple of her prints in a design project we're wrapping up this Fall! I'm sure you'll have no trouble spotting them when we reveal the space!

This piece is now available for sale!
48"H x 38.25"W x 18"D
Please contact chelsea@stylemutthome.com if interested!

Thank you for stopping by!