Reader Design: Jasmin's Desert Digs

Welcome back from Thanksgiving, everyone! I spent mine relaxing with my boyfriend's family in Columbus, Ohio and watching Ohio State battle its way to victory over That Team Up North. Monday hit like a load of bricks - back to reality! 

Luckily, today we have a great tour thanks to Jasmin. I first came across her stunning Palm Springs home on Instagram (what would we do without it?). 

From Jasmin:

We are a husband and wife photography team located just outside sunny Palm Springs, CA and have been married for three years. We became first time homebuyers a year ago and really wanted to make our home environment a place we loved. We work primarily from home, and it’s of high importance to us to love the space we are in; to create a space that reflects our minimalistic taste and clean-edge style while still allowing creative expression.
We are also avid travelers, and with spending more than one or two months out of the year in other countries, we not only have a sweet appreciation for where we call home but also find that simple living is the key to our home happiness. Although sometimes our home feels huge and other times small, we knew we wanted to style it in a way that reflects us and our values for quality over quantity.

All of us probably recognize at least a couple of these pieces from the West Elm mid-century collection. Jasmin and Ryan (her husband) started with just one piece in the hallway. Before they knew it, boxes were arriving often. Jasmin referred to it as a "parade of orders." They loved the collection so much they even ordered duplicates of some pieces! An example? 

The 80” console acts as our dining room buffet (above) to display our favorite glass chess board and serve as a visual ancho for our hanging English ivy in geometric brass planters. The same piece also serves as a streamlined workspace with storage and print inventory in our home office (below).

In each room in Jasmin's home, four things are almost certain to make an appearance: living greenery, clean whites, brassy metals, and natural wood tones. I think she's found the perfect combination for a home that's timeless but still interesting. 

And the other thing(s) always there? Her prints. Those beautiful, stunning, artistic prints. 

Our home boasts scenes from many corners of the globe captured along our adventures together as well as from places still unreached by us which we still hope to land ourselves in someday. I am intentional to display places I have not yet been to keep my inspirations for going places moving forward, while still celebrating the places we have been to in the past.

Explore the prints yourself on Jasmin and Ryan's site, Monocle Project.

Jasmin, I so admire your sense of adventure and artistry! Thank you for sharing your home and talent with us! 

Follow Jasmin along on Instagram @fiveformay or explore her blog