Reader Design: Megan's Eclectic-Boho Retreat

It's Friday, and I'm on a train to Long Island to witness one of my best friends' marriage. It's the happiest of occasions - so let's keep the good vibes going! 

Today, we're touring Megan's California family home, a space which is clearly a sanctuary away from this busy world. Her home is full of neutral bases, like whites, grays, and natural woods, with accents of brass and added texture. 

From Megan:

I like when something in the room is slightly off but just works.

I want our home to feel styled and put together but inviting and lived in. I don’t want things too fussy. I want guests to feel comfortable to grab a drink from our fridge, put their cup down on our table without fussing for a coaster, or even put their feet up on our coffee table.

To achieve that feeling, Megan carefully curated this space, keeping in mind the needs of her family and friends and giving a nod to trends without tying herself to them. 

The big thing I wrestled with was picking large furniture pieces that I wouldn’t fall out of love with, quickly. I don’t want the urge to change out my couch, coffee table or dining room table six months from now. I wanted pieces that would grow with our family for years to come. So, we really avoided making impulse buys for the big items.

That same mindfulness with the big purchases extends to decor too. At least a handful of items, items you see on a daily basis, should have a story and bring you a sense of nostalgia and joy when you see them. For Megan, an example is the collection of photos in the dining room, which were taken by her sister-in-law Anna when she and her husband, Megan's brother, were road tripping down Route 66.

In the master, Megan has two favorites - any guesses? 

The Bison photograph above our bed (though, this piece’s final home is our son’s room) was a photograph I took on a family trip to Yellowstone.

Also, our headboard. It was a purchase we bought right after we got married and had moved to NYC. I love that headboard. I love the clean lines, the subtle tufted detail, and the neutral base. It’s a piece I haven’t tired of in nearly 9 years!

See! There the same photo (not a copy, Megan assures me they just strategically moved it around) is in her son Beckham's room. And the photo in her daughter Waverly's room is another one courtesy of Anna, featuring a carefully organized collection of buttons.

Megan, that's some awesome indoor/outdoor living you have there. What a dream. Thank you for showing us around!

Follow Megan along on Instagram @everydavismoments for more! 

See you next week,

Reader Design: Jasmin's Desert Digs

Welcome back from Thanksgiving, everyone! I spent mine relaxing with my boyfriend's family in Columbus, Ohio and watching Ohio State battle its way to victory over That Team Up North. Monday hit like a load of bricks - back to reality! 

Luckily, today we have a great tour thanks to Jasmin. I first came across her stunning Palm Springs home on Instagram (what would we do without it?). 

From Jasmin:

We are a husband and wife photography team located just outside sunny Palm Springs, CA and have been married for three years. We became first time homebuyers a year ago and really wanted to make our home environment a place we loved. We work primarily from home, and it’s of high importance to us to love the space we are in; to create a space that reflects our minimalistic taste and clean-edge style while still allowing creative expression.
We are also avid travelers, and with spending more than one or two months out of the year in other countries, we not only have a sweet appreciation for where we call home but also find that simple living is the key to our home happiness. Although sometimes our home feels huge and other times small, we knew we wanted to style it in a way that reflects us and our values for quality over quantity.

All of us probably recognize at least a couple of these pieces from the West Elm mid-century collection. Jasmin and Ryan (her husband) started with just one piece in the hallway. Before they knew it, boxes were arriving often. Jasmin referred to it as a "parade of orders." They loved the collection so much they even ordered duplicates of some pieces! An example? 

The 80” console acts as our dining room buffet (above) to display our favorite glass chess board and serve as a visual ancho for our hanging English ivy in geometric brass planters. The same piece also serves as a streamlined workspace with storage and print inventory in our home office (below).

In each room in Jasmin's home, four things are almost certain to make an appearance: living greenery, clean whites, brassy metals, and natural wood tones. I think she's found the perfect combination for a home that's timeless but still interesting. 

And the other thing(s) always there? Her prints. Those beautiful, stunning, artistic prints. 

Our home boasts scenes from many corners of the globe captured along our adventures together as well as from places still unreached by us which we still hope to land ourselves in someday. I am intentional to display places I have not yet been to keep my inspirations for going places moving forward, while still celebrating the places we have been to in the past.

Explore the prints yourself on Jasmin and Ryan's site, Monocle Project.

Jasmin, I so admire your sense of adventure and artistry! Thank you for sharing your home and talent with us! 

Follow Jasmin along on Instagram @fiveformay or explore her blog

Reader Design: Celeste's Home Away From Home

Well, well, well, what do we have here? It's Friday, so that only means one thing around these parts; it's Reader Design day! I don't know about you all, but I look forward to the week's Reader Design like a Christmas Day countdown. It's absolutely one of my favorite things here at StyleMutt Home!!! Know why? Because it's a fun opportunity to share YOUR unique style! With no requirements to be a professional decorator or even a fellow blogger, all are encouraged to share their style here! The purpose of Reader Designs is simply to share beautiful rooms with fresh ideas and document these features in our SPACES page as a source of inspiration! 

Coming all the way from Australia is a very inspirational Reader Design, indeed. Be warned, though; this one may cause the sudden urge to pick up the phone and give a far away loved one a call...

Celestes's living room4 DONE2.jpg

Celeste is a sweet friend via the great land of Instagram - you can check out her adventures @littlefrenchdiary!

From Celeste: 

" My husband and I are renting a little house in East Perth and I had a very hard time trying to get the look and atmosphere I wanted for the living room. But after one year of wondering, I finally got the feeling I wanted for that space. This space is full of photos. Being French, I am away from my homeland and I need to see the faces of my family and friends still around me."

"I didn't want to obstruct the space with too many photo frames. That's why I hung a string across two walls in the living room, where I can hang Polaroids. I love that little corner. I think it gives a certain fantasy to the room. "

A string of Polaroids, folks. Be still my heart!

Well hello there! 

"I also love having unique and vintage pieces around. For example, I found my old suitcase on the street, quite far away from our place. Someone wanted to get rid of it and I couldn't let that happen! It's now sitting proudly on my living room floor. I have "modern" objects on top of it, to break the look and create kind of a "old vs new" style."

What a cool tip! Tucking that one away, for sure!

"I would resume my style by... No style! I don't like sticking to one particular decoration style. I love to play around with objects, old and new. My living room represents the most of my house: full of little fun and cute objects, but in a very cozy and warm atmosphere. The bookshelf is one of my favourite pieces. I absolutely love it's look and the warm feeling it gives to the space. It has our parents wedding photos and ours on it, and a few of our wedding decorations."

This is just precious. 
Can we take one more look at those Polaroids?

This is just all kinds of good. Swooning...

Thank you so much, Celeste, for sharing your warm and cozy living room with us! Love all your sweet details that come together to create this one of a kind, and truly special space.

You guys know what to do now! Share your own room photos directly to our Facebook page or tag #stylemuttspaces on Instagram!

Have an awesome weekend, friends! Thank you so much for stopping by!