Go Pink or Go Home

A couple months ago, a dear dear friend from college honored me with two incredibly humbling questions:

1)  Will you be bridesmaid?
2) Will you build me a giant pink wall for my wedding?

I gushed and naturally said yes to both.  Amanda had an AMAZING vision for her wedding: vintage Hollywood glam set in a downtown Richmond, VA historic train station with burgandy, black, champagne and blush as the wedding colors.  Tres Chic!

Much like mine and Caleb's wedding, Amanda & Stephan had the ceremony and reception in the same room.  Super convenient (if I do say so myself) but still proves a challenge to define your "altar" space.  This is where the pink wall came in.  Amanda needed some sort of free-standing focal point for the ceremony that could be moved during the reception.  She found this STUNNING inspiration photo on pinterest and asked me if I could adapt the idea to her venue:

Gulp.  Ok I was a little nervous.  This backdrop is GORGEOUS!  And we did not have a slush fund to pour into such a ceremony show stopper.  But then the sweetest thing happened.  Other than an epic union before God, weddings are the chance for the community to come together to celebrate the couple.  To help Amanda achieve her pink vignette, her community stepped up and started scrounging up the materials we needed to complete the look.  The bride's mom took down all the sheer curtain panels in her house.  The groom's mom went on a hunt for the perfect  bolt of blush sheer fabric.  Even my local Home Depot got in on it: they let me spend 3 hours monopolizing a rep and the entire PVC pipe aisle to get the measurements for the frame just right.

The end result was even more beautiful that the pinterest pic.  Not because of my labor of love, but the compilation of loving family and friends that went above and beyond to love on Amanda & Stephan that it represented:

It's pale pink glow greeted the guests as they were seated for the ceremony without detracting from the glamorous venue and softly illuminated the already glowing couple.

I love that Stephan is stealing a glance at his bride in this shot.

Getting escorted out with fellow CNU alumni.    

I made the 8' x 10' frame from gold painted PVC pipe.  The curtains were a combination of LILL IKEA curtains, shredded shear curtain panels, pink tulle, crepe paper streamers, and 11 yards of blush organza.

To my dearest Amanda & Stephan: I am so so honored to have been a part of your big day and wish you both a lifetime of profound joy and love :)


DIY Baby's Breath Wreath

Hi All! Who could use a little hopeful reminder that Spring will, indeed, arrive? If you just got dumped on over the weekend with another snow, it might feel like a distant reward. Decorating for Spring only helps remind us of the hope that it's coming, right?! So let's get on with it!

I came up with the idea for making a Baby's Breath wreath when considering how to balance the industrial presence of our pipe shelves with a softer, natural element, (there go my bohemian tendencies again). Baby's Breath is actually my favorite flower! Can we call it that? Any botanists in the house? Anyways, it's soft, whispy and wildly untamed look is perfect for covering a wreath frame!

Dreamy, isn't it?! And so easy to make. Here's what you'll need:

-12-16" wreath frame
-4 bouquets of Baby's Breath

To begin, separate sprigs of Baby's Breath from the whole stem:

Gather up 3-4 sprigs in a bunch, unravel a length of twine, and simply wrap the sprigs of Baby's Breath around the frame.

Continue on gathering up small bunches of sprigs and laying them over the previous bunch on the frame, going over top of the twine from the last bunch.

When you get all the way around, just tuck the ends of the last bunch underneath the first bunch, and tie your twine in a small knot in the back to hold everything secure.

I used the stems from the Baby's Breath to lay across the top shelf. I love how naturally structural they are! 

Mission accomplished! I've seen quite a few Spring wreaths starting to circulate on Pinterest and Instagram. Here are a few other ideas, (the bottom right is by my other Sis-in-law, Megan! The other three you can click through to the source).

Hang in there, flower buds, Spring's-a-comin'! Thank you so much for stopping by!