Petite Parquet Cabinet Converted

Hi friends! Back in today with another flip of a recently thrifted find! No yarn involved today. ;) When I saw this parquet and bamboo cabinet I was so excited to get my hands on it; the piece was in amazing condition, just needed a little TLC!

It looked a little sad sitting so low on the floor like that! So I took a cue from the beautiful parquet surface of this piece and ordered a set of hairpin legs. What I adore so much about hairpin legs is the balance between masculine and feminine - they're strong, sturdy, wrought iron legs but the lines look so graceful!

The one factor that hung me up on this flip for a solid week was what height to order the legs. Ultimately I came to two options; use the piece for its top surface and keep it at buffet height, or lift it even higher for easy access to it's cool interior storage. Since all signs pointed to this piece being a vintage piece, (albeit in fantastic shape), I wasn't sure how truly functional the top surface would be since the parquet creates a not totally smooth surface and I don't know how easy it is to clean. I concluded this piece would be best used as a storage piece so I found legs that would give it the height to make those cabinet pulls convenient to open without bending over. Once the piece was finished I immediately pictured it as a small space liquer cabinet/bar. The height and size would be perfect in a small dining room where square footage is precious, and you could even stash a stool or storage basket underneath!

I love the bamboo trim! Such a beautiful detail that just adds something special to this already unique piece.

Parquet and Bamboo Cabinet
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