SMH in NYC: eDesign Project Update

Today’s the day for more PROGRESS!! I told you friends last week I wanted to start sharing and celebrating design project progress with you more often on here, so here we go again!

This apartment is in NYC right by Prospect Park. I can’t tell you how much I adore these clients, (and their sweet pup, who you’ll see with her friend in some of the pics)! When they gave me the initial walk through via video chat, it was love at first sight. Those arches, those windows, that molding, the floor! It’s different architecture than I’ve ever had the privilege of designing within before, so I was excited about that from the get-go. Take a look at these ‘befores’, (all photos in this post were taken by the client)!



This is actually a 4-room project: Entryway, Living Room/Dining Room, Office and Master Bedroom. This fun couple has traveled quite a bit and accumulated a collection of artifacts and pieces from around the globe. They expressed interest in doing some unique things in their home which I was really excited about! It’s always fun to work with others who have a vision and enjoy wandering off the beaten path a bit, stylistically. The trim was one of the first elements we discussed as an opportunity to do something a little different! I chose Swiss Coffee for the walls, (a StyleMutt Home favorite), and Clay Beige for the trim, (both by Benjamin Moore).

I am going to wait to detail out here the pieces we’ve selected, but it’s getting there! Now the space is ready for the next phase of it’s makeover - built-ins! I’ve been in touch with their contractor working on a built-in shelving design that will work with the structure of these walls. The TV will sit in the middle of the shelves and we’ll have hidden storage cabinets under the shelves…I absolutely cannot wait, it’s going to look SO GOOD!


Hi, Nala and pal! Those faces…

Hi, Nala and pal! Those faces…

The hallway was papered by the previous owners, and while the idea was splendid, the paper was not making any particular statement, (it was white and had a grayish swirl pattern on it). We loved the idea of something really bold that you’d see beyond the living and dining area, and this navy geometric does not disappoint. In a home that does not have an open floor plan whatsoever, one way to expand the size of any room is to draw the eye beyond the walls of the space. The images below are a perfect example of this!


We are working on selecting art, various rugs for the hallway and office, final details for the bedroom, and then we’ll have some shelves to style! We are using a very large triptych the client found from a street vendor in India over the sofa - oh my gosh, it’s going to be amazing.


Here is the rendering we used to show them the vision - cool piece, huh!

Living Room Design Board.png

It reminds me a bit of when we used Ali’s Cambodian photograph over her own living room sofa, and then when she moved, over her dining nook banquette! I just adore large-scale pieces - especially when they have deep meaning to the client!

So we still have a ways to go, but this is some progress, isn’t it! The paint on the walls and trim is making me so ridiculously excited. I’ve never done white walls with beige trim before, and truth be told, there wasn’t a ton of inspo I could find as an example, But it just felt so right for this home and now seeing these progress shots they sent is giving me so much encouraging confirmation. I’m in love! It’s sophisticated and subtly dramatic - the perfect canvas for a home to a couple of globe trotters.


We are in cahoots over here on the finishing details for this beautiful home, and I am busting to share everything with you here and now….but I’ll refrain. Gotta save some surprises! Just wanted to share this exciting project in the works now because it’s making me too giddy to keep to myself any longer! I can’t wait to visit NYC soon to hug these fabulous clients and take all the fun pictures to share the final reveal with you! It’s going to be a good one, friends.

As always, I’m so grateful to you for coming by today!

Reader Design: Jessica's Vibrant Space

Well folks, somehow we're now in 2018. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday break because 2018 is here with a vengeance. 

Take New England for instance, the home of today's reader design tour. It's currently piled with two feet of snow! Thankfully, Jessica has her vibrant and eclectic home to keep her warm! 


A little about Jessica:

I live in a 1934 Craftsman Bungalow home with my dashing husband, Christopher, our dopey mutt, Murphy, and silly dog-like cats, Marla and Sylvester. We’ve been here for just over four years, the last year being the most significant design-wise inside. Since then, I’ve taught myself how to hang french doors, rebuild floor molding, and board and batten. I believe you can build anything with a nail gun. My design eye was heavily influenced by my Mom’s desire to create cozy interiors throughout my life. Apparently we had a knack for feng shui and didn’t even know it. I keep at a design until I get it balanced and just right.

My home has rapidly evolved more in tune with my personality over the past year. For years, I had well-loved hand me downs, but I’ve begun to embrace (and trust my gut about) a wilder, more vibrant feel. I’ve always been an eclectic collector and a lover of color. I’m an avid fan of the glammy ‘20-30s, mid century, and the boho vibes of my grandmother-in-law’s Southern California home. I love idea of challenging myself to combine my BBB (big, bold & beautiful) antiques/thrifted goods with my husband’s California roots. My home has since grown into a modern-eclectic-glam abode that’s super cozy to all who enter.

In the dining room, Jessica paired a Spanish revival sideboard she found at a tag sale with a custom 7' poplar table by Mason Dixon Handmade and vintage brass bar cart. Jessica's husband lovingly jokes that the home is "a modern Italian dream based in 1970s Miami," and no room says it better!


This place is just chalk-full of meaningful finds, 'more is more' design, and elements that satisfy all five senses - specifically "incense, good tunes, the velvet blue Article sofa, pretty pattens, and all the home cooking." There are also fun collections that Jessica has accumulated over time, almost by accident, of globes, decanters, and candlesticks. So much to please the eye, and the heart!


If there was a perfect place to wait out this storm, this would have to be it. Thank you for inviting us in, Jessica! Follow Jessica along on Instagram @imjessicabrigham for more.

See you next week,

McKenna Sig.jpg

Reader Design: Amanda's Meaningful Home

This. Pad. 

Before I dive in, I'm going to give you the words of wisdom from today's Reader Design genius to start things off:

In a time when everything is getting bigger, we love that our little home is a constant reminder that you can live with less and thrive, just as many generations of families have lived in our home before us.

Today is such a treat. I have been following along with Amanda, of both Cashmere & Clover and the Rustic Owl on IG, from Kansas City, Missouri for some time now. And she is AMAZING - as are her animals that you'll see scattered throughout these photos. 

Her home is chalk full of antiques and treasured pieces. 

Amanda and her husband bought this 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom 1922 home ten years ago. They are not afraid of projects! Since the purchase, they've finished the attic to include a master bedroom and are currently renovating a master bathroom. Each room is masterfully done, serving a purpose while also being filled with only the most curated items. 

From Amanda: 

We love the character of older homes and tried to match everything from the trim to the color of the hardwood floors upstairs with the original style of the downstairs.

Several years ago we made the decision to declutter our home and simplify. We found we were buying mass produced furniture and decorating our home with things we didn’t love. Once we removed those things and painted the walls white, we were able to highlight and make the focal point in our home the things we loved that told a story.

Could you guys not sit in this place forever? Now, I'm not a cat person, but with those plants and that lighting, I would be willing to change my ways! Seems like Amanda agrees... 

We’re lucky to have lots of large windows throughout the house to give us lots of light, and the combination of the white walls and bright light really makes the space seem larger.

Amanda did such a great job with her master bedroom - which obviously, the pets also love! 

Our downstairs guest room was our bedroom before we finished the upstairs, and our elderly dog ended up injuring his back jumping down off of our tall bed. My husband [SMH interjection: the SWEETEST husband] decided to build a bed on the floor that our dog could easily get in and out of.

Our home was built in 1922, and the rooms were not designed with the idea that a bed larger than a double would ever reside in it. It takes up a majority of the room, but it’s one of my favorite pieces in the house because of the intention and story behind it.

Y'all... even the appliances are beautifully styled. Amanda is seriously on to something with this simplicity thing. 

Amanda, you're a true talent. Thank you for sharing your home with us! And give those pet babies a big style mutt squeeze for us!