Design Reveal: Dani's Master Bedroom

We’re back! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! In case you missed it on Friday, I’m sharing the last couple rooms in our client Dani’s full home we’ve been designing over the last couple of years! Friday was the family room reveal, and today we have the master bedroom. Thursday I’ll be back to share a full final post of the entire home altogether so you can see the cohesion from room-to-room.

The master bedroom was such a thoughtful process that involved collecting pieces over the span of a year. By the time we got to this space I knew Dani’s style fairly well. Our formula has been less, but interesting, pieces. Plain and simple. Dani doesn’t love excess but she appreciates interesting details that set an item, and room, apart. We’ve approached each room this way, and the pieces that have gone into them.

I’m not sure which came first, but the wrought iron bed and vintage rug were two such details that kicked off the design of this room. The bed was a never used Anthropologie piece that we found on Craigslist, and the rug on ebay - such second-hand finds saved over a grand from what these pieces would have been otherwise!


We ended up holding onto Dani’s existing nightstands since they were in great condition and we didn’t want to spend unnecessarily, so to marry the two unique styles between the campaign tables and romantic vintage inspired bed, we used sconces that incorporated aspects of both. There is almost always a way to connect two very different pieces in a room with a bit of intention!


We pretty much let the rug play the diva in this show and chose bedding that was easy to lay eyes on, but not distracting! Even the pillows pull subtly from colors in the rug, but don’t scream for attention.


The agate stand we have affectionately named Humpty Dumpty. PLEASE TELL ME YOU SEE IT TOO! That’s another thing you should know about Dani - she and her beau, Nate, have a fantastic sense of humor. I found our friend here at Pier 1 and liked him right away. I almost second guessed grabbing him when I saw the resemblance, but figured Dani would get a kick out of it. Hah!


I cannot get over how lovely this pallette came together! These pillows were collected over time and from various sources, and I truly couldn’t be happier with the end result. So soft and serene.


The beautiful ornate mirror belonged to Dani’s mother, a true treasure if ever I saw one. Isn’t it gorgeous? When I first saw it I knew we could take the bedroom in a bit of a romantic vintage direction - in fact, there are more vintage pieces in this room than anywhere else in the home. We sure had a good time digging up these treasures!


The green velvet chair is a prime example. Found at an antique market and priced to sell fast, we loved the shape and color for this space. Nate’s grandmother’s original artwork hangs above, and flanked by crisp white curtains and a simple hanging planter, the antique chair looks anything but tired.


Dani and Nate’s own photography skills came in handy for a solo statement piece above their desk - so stunning! You may recall from Friday’s reveal, they have a special place for Greece.


That’s a wrap, folks! By far one of my very favorite bedrooms I’ve ever had the honor of designing. I truly believe creativity breeds new inspiration, and I’m quite inspired by this space; ready to do another!

Thank you all so much for stopping by today! Don’t forget I’ll be sharing the entire home on Thursday - it wouldn’t be ridiculous if you wanted to set a reminder. It’ll be so worth it!


Navy Yard Condo || Soft Boho Master Bedroom

Welcome to our Navy Yard Condo Reveal Part 2! Actually, I suppose it's part 3 since we revealed the main living spaces last Summer, but it's our second day in a row revealing the bedrooms! So let's reccap:

Living Room / Dining Room: Full Tour Here

Then we hit the Guest Bedroom, where we scaled back in order for renting potential: Full Tour Here

Now all that's left is the Master Bedroom! We feel that the master bedroom is quite possibly the most important space in ones home, and we design them as such. This particular master opens to a private hallway/lounge area where our client can access her en-suite bath and closet. We felt that this hallway was as much a part of her living space as the others so we designed it with quite the dose of moody drama!

Wrapped in 'Hunter Green' by Benjamin Moore, (the same paint we used on the guest room dresser), and styled with picture ledges for convenient art swapping, (of which our client has quite the collection!), this passageway is special and instantly makes one feel as if they're entering a unique part of this home. We built the bench from metal sawhorse legs and scrap wood, and at just 11" wide it's able to serve as a quick-drop surface without interfering with walking space.

Picture ledges are a fantastic alternative to a gallery wall - you'll do a lot less damage to your walls and you can change things out as often as you please! These white ledges were from IKEA.

From dark and moody to bright and airy; the perfect contrast.

We wrapped the bedroom in 'Swiss Coffee' by Benamin Moore and contrasted the neutrals with warm wood. Similar to the guest bedroom we kept the lines of the furniture very simple and clean, and similar to the main living spaces we layered more pattern and texture.

Since our client came in with a real 'let's do it!' attitude we were able to present some really exciting ideas to her. The dark green moody hallway was just the beginning and she really nailed it! This wall treatment behind her bed was another project we included in our design for this space. We had all agreed that an accent wall of sorts behind the bed would make this room really special, but we wanted to keep it monochromatic, subtle, and easy! Since our client would be handling these projects on her own, (reminder, this was all done through eDesign!), we wanted them to be very manageable. After she suggested a shiplap wall, we thought about some more affordable and easier alternatives. We stumbled upon this idea on Pinterest of using just pieces of wood trim horizontally spaced apart and nail-gunned to the wall. It was a project that didn't cost a lot of time OR money, but the impact is exactly what we were looking for. It speaks the same language as shiplap, but it's a little more modern looking and different from the currently trendy wall treatments out there right now.

This colorblock pillow from Urban Outfitters was one of the first pieces of this design! We wanted to contrast the dark, rustic hallway with a light and airy space using soft textures and warm pastels.

The dresser and nightstands were a fantastic mix and match Craigslist maneuver - we wanted to use walnut wood in here and after using 'walnut' in the search bar, these pieces popped right up! We've mixed woods in various rooms before, but in a smaller space like this where the goal was a really clean and fresh feel, we wanted the few wood pieces brought in to be of the same finish.

For less than $10/each we created the wall hangings that incorporate a favorite quote our client gave us. Aren't these words by Joan Burge, (author of Give Yourself Permission to Live a Big Life), inspiring?! Solid choice to wake up and see every day. For more info on how to create large scale charts like these, see post here.

A pair of 8x10 prints from our dear friend Jessica over at Vol.25 look just perfect next to the warm wood dresser.

These brass sconces are from a seriously talented small business on Etsy called Rough Luck Studio. Their collection is extensive, affordable and we absolutely can't wait to use them again!

Because our client was a fellow 'style-mutt', she was very eclectic and liked all the things, (is there anyone who can't relate to this?!). Near the end of this project, when the air was starting to turn crisp and the colors on the trees were changing, she expressed interest in incorporating some richer colors in place of the pastel. The wonderful thing about the design of this room is that it's so neutral she can swap out pillows and throws for instant seasonal change. We suggested a gorgeous velvet rust, ivory and dark gray pillow as well as a mohair throw with pompom fringe from a local small shop, Valerianne.

Nothing else changed in the room, but look how fall/winter ready it is now!

That's a wrap folks! We sure are grateful to do this work; what an honor it is when someone invites us to help them create their home - of all the places in the world, home should feel truly special. Feel free to contact us through the 'free consultation' form linked on our eDesign page if you're interested in chatting about your own space!

Thank you all so much for coming by!


DC Apartment - Bedroom Source List

Hi Friends! Back to share the rest of the sources from our recent DC apartment design project! Finishing up our curated list in the bedroom today, and since we're all friends here, I must admit that this room made me teary eyed when we were finished! 

We started with just a color scheme, which was declared by 'Lilith' to the left here - our client's most treasured piece of art. As this room evolved through carefully and thoughtfully picking out every little detail, we were somewhat taken aback when we were done! We knew it would be a special space, but nailing a 'feeling' that a client is seeking is somewhat nerveracking, as we realized. Everyone responds differently to different styles! So, when we stood back when all was hung and done, we knew we'd nailed the feeling Christine had desired. And what fun we had doing it, to boot!

So let's look back over the details of this room, shall we?!

Bedroom sources:

1. Rug - Rugs USA; Kas Oriental Amore Meridian Rug
2. Ivory coverlette - West Elm; Braided Quilt
3. X-Base Stools - Target; Threshold X-Stool
4. Ivory Throw Blanket - IKEA

1. Mint pompom shams - Urban Outfitters
2. Faux Sheepskin Pillows - Pottery Barn
3. Kilim Pillow - VillagePillow, (no longer on Etsy, similar item here)
4. Gold + White Clip Lamps - IKEA
5. Peachy Pink Sheets - Wayfair

1. Desk stool - Target
2. Desk brackets - IKEA
3. Plants - Home Depot
*We thrifted and refinished the nightstands in Pure White by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and the headboard we built just for this space! Deets on that coming soon!

1. Original Ballerina Painting + Sketch - Ricardo Roig
*The mirror is a piece passed down to our client from a beloved family member, and the dresser we thrifted and refinished in Pure White by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

1. Original Painting - Lindy Kehoe

In case you missed our living room source list, hop over here. We'll be following up soon with a few of the DIY projects we used to give Christine a personalized, custom space, but that's all our sources! Feel free to ask any questions you may have that we didn't cover!

Thank you all for stopping by!