DIY Mid-Century Table ||In 60 minutes or less!||

Hi friends! I know this time change kicks a lot of butts who are trying to get up and out the door in the morning, but as a stay at home Mom with no kids in school yet, it's glooorrriiouusss. Before we Sprang forward, my kids were waking up about 5 minutes after we put them to bed at night. But once we jump those clocks ahead an hour, they naively 'sleep in' until the sun rises. It feels like a cruel joke. But, oh, how I've missed starting my days with my bible and journal. I love the sweet moments I spend looking out the window, praying for my family and learning a little bit more about the Lord. I know the littles will adjust to the time change and I'll be chasing after what seconds I can find throughout the day again, but for now, it's a beautiful gift.

Speaking of beautiful gifts, want to learn how you can whip out a cute mid-century table in less than an hour? Check it out!

Isn't it sweet? You could put a table like this behind a sofa, at an entry way, or use it as a desk as I've styled it here.

-4 x 27.5" tapered wooden legs from Lowes, (buy them here)
-4 x 2.43" angled top plates from Lowes, (buy them here, they come with the screws)
-48" x 16" x 1" board, (mine was a scrap piece in the garage, but you could find a 16" wide board and have it cut to whatever size you need at the hardware store)
-white paint, (optional)

If you want the top surface of your table and the tapered legs to be white, paint them first and prop up to dry for about 35-40 minutes. I used blue painters tape on the legs where I wanted to protect the bottom caps and up the leg about 12" where I wanted the paint to stop. This is entirely up to you whether you want to paint at all or not. If not, then this project will take you about 12 minutes!

Assembling the table

Step 1:
-Line your top plates up where you want the legs to be underneath the table top. I love the straight corners on these plates that make it so easy to line each top plate up!

Step 2:
-Attach your top plate by drilling the screws provided into the holes at the corners of the plate.

Step 3:
-Screw your legs into the angled center piece

Step 4:
-Pat yourself on the back because you just made a table!

A quick and easy build that you can use throughout your home for years to come - not a bad way to spend an hour!

Mid-Century Accent Table / Desk, now available for sale:
48"L x 28.5"H x 16"D

Thank you all for stopping by!