DIY Holiday Countdown!

Hi All! The season of decking our halls is right upon us and I'm very much looking forward to it! Yes, I do realize it's a bit early, but listen - I'd rather do a few projects now and be free to enjoy and celebrate the holidays when they're actually here! I'm sure anyone on either side of the 'what's too early' debate could appreciate that.

Last year I started a 'One A Week' series in mid-November where I shared one holiday DIY project each week until the week of Christmas! It was such a hit that I've been so excited to do it again this year...with brand new projects!

So, starting next week I will be posting one holiday do-it-yourself decoration each week until Christmas. None of the projects are complicated and the longest one takes less than than 2 hours. 

Let's have some fun!

Week 1: Paper feather wreath
Week 2: Geo painted coasters
Week 3: Stained wood votive holders
Week 4: Handmade ornaments
Week 5: Deer string art
Week 6: Book page fan garland

No way do I assume anyone would do all or any of these. Your schedules fill up this time of year, I absolutely get it. Just wanted to put these ideas out there for anyone itchin for a little project, that's all. And please, please, please, for the love of inspiration, share your holiday decorations and projects either on our Facebook wall, or tag #stylemuttholiday on Instagram! I did this last year and had a blast seeing all the beautiful work that others shared! We LOVE seeing your handiwork!

|| Here are the projects from 2013! ||

Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely weekend! I'm off to get my wisdom teeth out today so I'm pretty sure I'll be having the best weekend of all in pain killer la-la land!