DIY Abstract Art ||And a Short Video||

Guys!  I made a video!  It's hilariously embarrassing because you're just staring at my butt the whole time [and my shirt was a little low cut - YIKES!]  But because I love you all and trust that you won't make fun of me too much... I'm gonna let you watch it ;)

But first let me explain what would possess me to play cinematographer in the first place.  So remember when I used an oversized graphic/abstract art piece for this staging sesh?  

Well I was inspired by the oversized abstract art that is popping up in decor magazines and trendy homes all over the place.

Source: Martha Stewart via  Apartment Therapy

Source: Martha Stewart via Apartment Therapy

Source:  My Domaine

Source: My Domaine

Source:  West Elm

Source: West Elm

But what you didn't know is my DIY version only took me 5 minutes.  What?!  You don't believe me?!  Well that's why I took a video ;)  Before you watch, let me briefly explain my process behind this piece.  First rule of abstract art: there are no rules.  Seriously, just let yourself go wild and stop when you like what you see.  


I opted for a navy paint [mostly because I didn't have any black] but I love that it makes it a little less stark.  Using a large paintbrush loaded with only a little bit of paint, I made broad, sweeping brushstrokes across the canvas.  I wanted the strokes to really show some texture so I only filled in where I wanted a richer hue and stayed more "feathered" at the edges. 

Well.  Here goes nothing.  Thanks so much for watching and I hope it at least makes you chuckle ;)

It's a painting in 5 minutes! You heard me right - now you can watch the evolution of the DIY abstract art from my mid-century-modern-rustic-eclectic photoshoot. Enjoy!*disclaimer* this is my first video so bear with me (and also... I'm sorry)

Posted by StyleMutt Home on Sunday, September 6, 2015