DIY Abstract Art ||And a Short Video||

Guys!  I made a video!  It's hilariously embarrassing because you're just staring at my butt the whole time [and my shirt was a little low cut - YIKES!]  But because I love you all and trust that you won't make fun of me too much... I'm gonna let you watch it ;)

But first let me explain what would possess me to play cinematographer in the first place.  So remember when I used an oversized graphic/abstract art piece for this staging sesh?  

Well I was inspired by the oversized abstract art that is popping up in decor magazines and trendy homes all over the place.

Source: Martha Stewart via  Apartment Therapy

Source: Martha Stewart via Apartment Therapy

Source:  My Domaine

Source: My Domaine

Source:  West Elm

Source: West Elm

But what you didn't know is my DIY version only took me 5 minutes.  What?!  You don't believe me?!  Well that's why I took a video ;)  Before you watch, let me briefly explain my process behind this piece.  First rule of abstract art: there are no rules.  Seriously, just let yourself go wild and stop when you like what you see.  


I opted for a navy paint [mostly because I didn't have any black] but I love that it makes it a little less stark.  Using a large paintbrush loaded with only a little bit of paint, I made broad, sweeping brushstrokes across the canvas.  I wanted the strokes to really show some texture so I only filled in where I wanted a richer hue and stayed more "feathered" at the edges. 

Well.  Here goes nothing.  Thanks so much for watching and I hope it at least makes you chuckle ;)

It's a painting in 5 minutes! You heard me right - now you can watch the evolution of the DIY abstract art from my mid-century-modern-rustic-eclectic photoshoot. Enjoy!*disclaimer* this is my first video so bear with me (and also... I'm sorry)

Posted by StyleMutt Home on Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Picture's Worth a Thousand... Bucks? ||Part 2||

Welcome back!  I am so happy that you returned to hear how my staging adventure turned out from yesterday's post...  Bet you couldn't sleep last night because you were wondering how my design conundrum was going to turn out.  But really, I hope you actually slept like a log.  Ok so quick recap.  

 Fell in love with this bench:


Source: Zen Home

Cried a little when I saw the price... decided to make one of my own:

Got excited to sell it at Sweet Clover Barn [You're Invited!]

Tried staging outside:

Photos or editing weren't selling the bench... gave up on photoshoot al fresco.

Ok you caught up?  So in all that hullabaloo I'll admit I threw myself a pity party.  I was so frustrated that I didn't have any of my things to create a vignette for the mid-century/modern/rustic/eclectic customer!  But after reading all the great advice on Instagram and Facebook, I was resolved to creatively use some of my surrounding traditional décor to make a modern bench shine.  I did some digging around in the basement that Caleb and I are squatting in and found a quirky lamp table that could pass as mid-century.  It was like a light bulb went off [pun absolutely intended].  I grabbed some hardcover books, some shoes, and a hat, slapped some paint on one of my blank canvases, and got this:


BOOM!  This is exactly what I was going for!  That lamp table and easy DIY art piece completed the vignette I just couldn't get outside.


Even though the lighting in the basement isn't all that great and made the pictures a little grainy, the walls came off as more cream than butter yellow [how does paint do that?!?] which I count as a win!


The modern chrome makes for a beautiful contrast against the rustic Guernsey print don't you think?  [Guernsey meaning a brown-and-white-spotted cow.]  And the quirky lamp table and art help sell the eclectic story of a fun entryway bench or upholstered table.


Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement while I tried to work through this one.   This was an incredible lesson in stretching my style mutt muscles and working with limiting factors.  If any of you are also living outside of your usual decor element or trying to take photos to help sell your pieces, I hope my struggle encourages you to not feel trapped by your circumstances.  Keep pushing until you are happy with what you see.  

This bench will be for sale at Sweet Clover Barn in Frederick, MD this weekend Aug 21-23 10am to 5pm!  If you are a savvy local mid-century/modern/rustic/eclectic shopper in the market for a bench that looks $1,000 bucks but won't cost you that much... then I hope to see you there!