Cate [and Caleb's] Color Clad Apartment ||part 2||

This is a moment I've been waiting for since April.  Ever since we left our jobs, moved in with friends, found new jobs, found a great apartment, and up-and-moved to Leesburg, VA.  We spent March-November with all our stuff in storage which left me pining for a space of our own to decorate again.  The urge got so bad that I even did this mock up back in October to try to quench my redesign thirst.  

Look familiar?

Now, we've been relatively settled in the new place for almost 3 months [and mostly unpacked for about 1] so I reckon it's time for a tour ;)  Annnnnnnddddd since it's Friday - that makes this today's #stylemuttspaces feature.  

If you're new to this style mutt spot, first of all welcome!  Second, let me fill you in: any one [designer, betty home-maker, under-water-basket-weaver] can submit their home for a reader feature on our SPACES page.  This page serves as a curated pool of decor inspiration for any and all [so be sure to check it out if you haven't already - there's LOADS to be inspired by especially for style mutts]. 

So let me get to it and invite you in already!!!

Ok so I don't have the rug yet, or my kilim pillows, and the chair's not all leather - but it's a step in the right direction considering most of the decor was free, cheap, or a hand-me-down.

The first thing that greets you when you walk in, is a rattan shoe rack that was a spontaneous free find on craigslist.  It is actually a magazine rack that was way out of the way to pick up, but it was free and it was cute and even though I didn't have a plan for it when I drove over there to get it, I brought it home, cleaned it up, and then realized it was the perfect solution to our small entryway issues.  Above it hangs some of my original artwork that epitomizes those punches of color I like so much.

The plant stand was also unplanned but only $5 at a gem of a thrift store!  Since there wasn't an impressive selection of palm-fronded trees in the dead of winter at Home Depot, I went with low-maintenance/ black-thumb resistant snake plant I decided to name Sebastian just now.

I got the cot thinking it would serve as our extra seating but Thor quickly claimed it as his seat in the house because he can snooze with his head on the window sill and one eye on lookout for any signs of Caleb after a long day at work.

On the wall hangs my trio of old dresser drawers with an assortment of plants and my favorite brass accents - Steve the Stag in the place of honor obvi.

Just behind the couch is our teeny-tiny dining area - which is exciting because we have never had one before!  The sliding doors open up to our deck which stretches over to our bedroom window too.

Here lives my favorite and most ambitious impulse buys: the white campaign bookshelf triplets. 

They fit perfectly in their little nook and sport more pops of color and the most damning evidence of my collectionist tendencies.  I can see a minerals collection, a cloche collection, colored hardback collection, white ceramics collection, and a moss ball collection apparently.

To the left of the living room is our galley kitchen and the hallway leading to the master.  A necessary ceiling fan prevented me from re-installing our copper pipe canopy bed, but I kept the statement chartreuse curtain as our pseudo headboard.

Points if you recognize that bench ;)

Flanking the bed are these epic brass swing-arm sconces I scored from a fellow local furniture flipper.  We connected via craigslist and I ended up chatting her up for over an hour when I "popped" by to pick up the fixtures.  She was kind enough to cut me a deal and we've stayed in touch swapping tips & tricks.  We're gearing up to show off her home and some of her KILLER furniture flips one of these fridays so you can all look forward to that soon. 

I kept the pieces I restored from our furniture flip off which are perfect because they lend so much extra storage.

At the foot of the bed is another miracle MCM find we're using to corral all of Caleb's clothes.  

He's kind enough to let me leave that frou-frou tray on it 24-7.   Fun fact: that collection of color-dipped candles were made for me by our very own style mutt Chelsea ;)

My dresser hugs the wall between the entrance to the room and our closet (trust me, I'm sparing you some clutter-shock by skipping  the closet part of the tour).

Above hangs the diy faux pull-down chart from our old place while atop lays the dust-trap of a printer's drawer to display all my bells and whistles.

I have to laugh when I look back at our old apartment and I admit that I'm a twinge embarrassed.  But I also have to remember that at the time I was very proud of how I decorated it.  Isn't that always how it goes?  I remember being proud of my second grade poetry but there's nothing impressive about rhyming the word wave with save am I right?  Regardless I have to acknowledge that my first apartment helped evolve and refine my taste.  And perhaps in another two years I will look back at this apartment and also be embarrassed.  But I suppose that's the cyclical curse of an ever-changing style mutt my friends.

Thanks for popping in to take this little tour with me!  I will of course keep you posted as I acquire the pieces we're saving up for and inevitably start rearranging in t-minus 2 months...